Ganzo knives are focused primarily on the needs of outdoor enthusiasts. These knives are easy to use, compact, light weight, and made of durable and wear-resistant materials. Each piece is made as ergonomic as possible, convenient to use, and the blade is protected from corrosion, damage, and chips. Ganzo models perfectly hold sharpening, and you can use them in a variety of life situations - universal tools will come in handy when fishing, hunting, camping, at home, at home, while traveling.

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The Ganzo G6804 model is a continuation of the line of reliable EDC tools for the needs of active people. Such a simple and practical knife will find its use not only during outdoor activities, but also as a tool for solving household tasks at home. The peculiarity of this knife is the presence of a normal blade shape, which is optimal for hunting tasks. Often such blades are used by hunters, but in general it can be argued that the model has a universal purpose. 

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Ganzo&Firebird meets the wishes of its customers by releasing a variety of tools to solve many problems. Recently, fans got a unique opportunity to add another knife to their collections. This time it is the original balisong. Butterfly knife, G766, has a peculiar design.

This is a folding model with a blade hidden when folded in a handle formed by two longitudinal halves with a U-shaped section, hinged to the blade shank. Apparently, earlier such knives had a tactical and defensive purpose, today they are suitable for everyday wear, as well as for tourism and recreation.

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The Adimanti line combines various products from enthusiastic knife designers. The new model Adimanti Samson also became the creation of YouTube blogger Brutalica. This is a unique knife created for those who prefer original design combined with practicality. The model has a characteristic Spear-Point blade shape, which distinguishes it from other similar EDC knives. This type of blade is rare and more suitable for stabbing operations.

Below are more details about the features of this new product.

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We are excited to let you know that Ganzo&Firebird will be attending 2022 IWA Outdoor Classics.

Our team will be presenting new products including Samson knife and G766 Balisong.

Please make sure to stop by our booth #5-437 to chat!

We also will distribute Ganzo branded gifts to our partners and friends.

Please contact us to set an appointment!

Looking forward to seeing you there!

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The new Adimanti Shadow by Ganzo (SKIMEN DESIGN) knife is a flawless dark blade and a comfortable black handle. The knife is reliable, ergonomic, thought out in every detail.

The Adimanti Shadow by Ganzo, based on Skimen's design, has a special DLC coating.

DLC coating technology: what is it for?

First of all, the development of DLC coating technology in the field of knife production has made a major revolution. This opened up great opportunities in those areas where it was required to increase the strength of the working tool and reduce friction between parts.

What is DLC coverage? In the late 60s of the last century, physicists Saul Eisenberg and Ronald Schabot from America demonstrated a diamond-like coating. It was deposited onto a substrate by forming a carbon film. The film was diamond-like and graphite-like bonds combined into an amorphous structure. The first told her the hardness of the diamond, the second - the slip of graphite.

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Ganzo has a new EDC knife. The novelty has the features of many previously presented Firebird models. Folding knife, compact, made using the same high quality materials as other models in the same series. But the FH922 knife has its own interesting features. Its blade is wider, smoother in outline. The rounded shape of the blade is in harmony with the same rounded handle. Convenient finger groove at the bottom makes the knife more ergonomic. And the last factor is extremely important when it comes to tourism use. By the way, it is for this purpose that we recommend using the tool.

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Customers already associate Ganzo with a decent quality of products and a price that satisfies a variety of categories of consumers. All this can be attributed to the novelty Ganzo G626-BK, which has already delighted knife lovers.

The Ganzo G626 knife model is interesting in that it is offered to users in four design options at once. This is a worthy choice for those who need to stand out from the crowd and have a functional and aesthetic knife with them. If you wish, you can take a model with a picture, or limit yourself to a simple black color.

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