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Knives with natural wood handles are classically popular throughout centuries. And if before the wood was only one of the few materials available for making knife handles, but now it has taken the niche of natural and high-quality product usage. Every major manufacturer must add models in its range with handles made of wood. Naturally, Ganzo has such knives.

If we talk about the aesthetic side of the issue, the wood impersonated classic. In a sense, these knives with such handles even improve the status of its owner, as being a person with great taste. This is not surprising, because these blades looks really attractive.

As for the practical side of the issue, the wood is superior to many other materials characteristics. Unlike metal, it is not subject to the process of rusting and ecological compared to plastic, more available than bone or horn. In addition, the wood has excellent tactile qualities: it won't become too hot after being in the sun, or too cold during the winter frosts.

A variety of wood types can be used for knife handles. Ganzo company opted for the ebony wood. This wood is also known as the black, as of dark color of the wood. This material is highly valued and used for furniture, statuettes, parts for musical instruments production. Itis not only unusual appearance - black or brown with black streaks array, but also has a very high density. This wood even sinks in water. Thereby, the knife handles can withstand heavy loads and mechanical stresses.

Each Ganzo knife which handle is made of wood, held a special treatment, during this process wood is sealed and impregnated with a special compound. Now handle almost does not absorb water and become best protected from other negative environment effects.

Ganzo use ebony wood for knives' scales, which are mounted on a steel base. Due to the fact that each knife - folding its handle and its lock are placed with blade. Scales can cover the entire length of the handle, or combined with some metal elements.