G766:debut balisong from Ganzo&Firebird

Ganzo&Firebird meets the wishes of its customers by releasing a variety of tools to solve many problems. Recently, fans got a unique opportunity to add another knife to their collections. This time it is the original balisong. Butterfly knife, G766, has a peculiar design.

This is a folding model with a blade hidden when folded in a handle formed by two longitudinal halves with a U-shaped section, hinged to the blade shank. Apparently, earlier such knives had a tactical and defensive purpose, today they are suitable for everyday wear, as well as for tourism and recreation.

G766: design, materials, purpose

The model is made using 440C stainless steel, which is able to hold sharpening for a long time. This is a type of chromium alloy steel, often used in the production of EDC products. The hardness of the material reaches 56-59 Rockwell units, resistant to heavy loads during intensive use. Steel has a virtually unlimited lifespan if used properly and maintained regularly. The knife is not prone to chipping.

This model has a handle divided into two parts. It is made in such a way that the owner of the model can open the knife with the movement of literally one hand. In a fraction of a second, the knife can be put on alert. The handle has G10 fiberglass overlays. This is a very durable and practical material for outdoor knives. G10 is resistant to moisture, temperature, mechanical stress, in addition, it has a rough texture. Even if your hands are wet, the knife will not slip, which improves its performance. In the open position, the handle has a minimum width, so the tool will be comfortable to use even for those who have a small palm.

In general, we can say that the model is well adapted to intensive use in the field, perfectly performs stabbing movements, is not subject to corrosion and is ultra-light. It looks elegant, and working with such a knife is pleasant, safe and practical.

Knife parameters

The knife has a total length of 203 mm. Blade length - 89 mm. The thickness of the butt is 3 mm. Handle length - 114 mm. The knife weighs only 50 grams, which gives it the right to be called an ultra-light option.

The knife has a straight edge. Handle colors are available in black, green and orange. The color of the blade is gray, clip-point shape. Can be used as a pocket option. Supplied in a small box.

High-quality materials in the composition of the product, small but accurate details of construction, design are all the main characteristics of the G766. Compactness and light weight make it possible to hide the model somewhere in your pocket and store it there, or in a bag or backpack.

Thoughtful in all respects, the knife has an official 1-year warranty from the date of purchase. If you follow the rules for caring for the model, carefully cleaning it and sharpening the blade in a timely manner, you can expect that it will last much, much longer.


The debut balisong in the Ganzo&Firebird knife collection has successfully made its appearance to users. This is a practical model, historically conceived as a combat tool, now it performs, rather, everyday tasks of everyday life. It can be used in tourism and at home equally effectively, and most importantly, it is perfectly adapted to the loads. This is facilitated by reliable materials in the composition of the knife, such as 440C steel, stainless steel, and G10 fiberglass. The handle is designed in such a way that you can open the model with one hand movement.

Ultra lightness is one of the important advantages of the knife. He is graceful, yet quite durable. The hardness of the steel of the knife reaches 59 Rockwell units. It will not slip in wet hands, which is a big plus. The compact size and foldable design allow you to fold the model and store it anywhere in your bag or pocket. With proper care and timely sharpening of the blade, you can hope that the knife will last a long period. It is perfect for a variety of tourist activities and active leisure, simplifying the life of a traveler, fisherman, hunter.


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