The Adimanti line combines various products from enthusiastic knife designers. The new model Adimanti Samson also became the creation of YouTube blogger Brutalica. This is a unique knife created for those who prefer original design combined with practicality. The model has a characteristic Spear-Point blade shape, which distinguishes it from other similar EDC knives. This type of blade is rare and more suitable for stabbing operations.

Below are more details about the features of this new product.

Adimanti Samson by Ganzo&Firebird - history combined with modernity

As mentioned above, a specific feature of the knife is the blades of the Spear-Point shape. This variety is similar to the tip of a spear. The blade is distinguished by a sharp tip and a false blade at the top. Folding knife is focused on power work.

The Spear-Point blade was found on daggers in antiquity, and at present this form is present on combat knives. It is very convenient to prick with a Spear-Point blade, so this knife may be of interest to hunters in the first place.

Construction and materials

The blade of the knife is made of high quality, corrosion-resistant D2 steel. The alloy is quite durable and resistant to mechanical stress. The hardness of D2 steel reaches 60 Rockwell units, which is considered a fairly high indicator for knife products. Thanks to this, the knife can withstand serious loads during operation without breaking or deforming. This knife is adapted to the conditions of tourist life.

The handle is made of fiberglass G10. Has a rough texture, maximum comfort when gripping and holding the knife. It is very easy to work even with wet hands. The knife does not move, does not slip when used, reliable and safe. Also, the liner lock contributes to the safe operation of the knife. It opens and closes without problems. The folding design is ideal for keeping the tool close at hand in a compact form.

Adimanti Samson has an unusual shortened clip and this does not affect the functionality of the knife. The clip serves for the convenience of fixing and carrying the model, which you can attach to your pocket, attach to a backpack or bag. This design of the knife gives it the right to be considered an excellent EDC option.

The knife has a special case in which you can store it.

Physical parameters of the model

Folding pocket knife Adimanti Samson by Ganzo&Firebird with straight blade sharpening reaches a length of 212 millimeters. Blade length is 94 mm. The thickness of the blade is three and a half millimeters. The length of the handle is 118 millimeters. The knife weighs 163 grams.

The knife has a 1 year warranty from the date of purchase.

The model is undemanding in care. It is important to keep the knife clean and sharpen the blade regularly. Ideal for tourism and outdoor activities.


A novelty from Ganzo&Firebird is the Adimanti Samson knife, the design solution for which was developed by blogger Brutalica. The model has become another novelty of the line, combining the creations of various amateur knifemakers. The peculiarity of the knife is the presence of the original Spear-Point blade. A great option for hunters, fishermen, tourists.

The blade is made of D2 steel, resistant to rust, with a hardness index of about 60 HRC. Such material can withstand severe mechanical stress during field work. The knife is ideally adapted to various kinds of external factors, including the effects of moisture, chemicals.

The handle of the model is comfortable to grip, and the knife will not slip out of your hands, even if they are wet. The handle material of the product is reliable, and withstands moisture, low temperature, sunlight, and resists deformation well.

For convenience of fixing and wearing, an original shortened clip is provided. With it, you can attach the knife to your belt, pocket, attach to a backpack. The compact folding design is optimal for keeping the knife close at hand.


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