Knife Ganzo Firebird FH31 (black, green)

This thing mechanically is super solid. After a drop of lube, it opens like knives $100 more. The only thing is I don't have a micro torx set and my clip loosened up and fell off in under a day. Luckily I found it but the screws are toast. Any luck Ganzo could send another set? (and let me know what size torx to get?

Knife Ganzo Firebird FH71 (black, green, gray, brown)

Just like the FH21 this knife has a great handle shape. Glade that a semi wharncliffe blade is offered for utility work. Great D2 Steel and solid build.

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Knife Ganzo Firebird FH21 (black, green, blue)

This knife has a great handle shape that really fits the hand well. Feels solid and has a great blade shape. Could not ask for any thing more. Comes sharp with a D2 blade that has been tested to be real. Perfect EDC.

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Nice knife but blade too thick. A thinner blade cuts better and feels better, see Spyderco. You don't need 3, 4 mm, up to 2 is more than enough. It won't be the blade that breaks first anyway, on foldables.

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Knife Ganzo Firebird F7551-CF

Came centered better than my knives 10x the price... surprisingly high quality for the price

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Knife Ganzo G713

The G713 is sharp and nimble, the "intimidating" design makes it an attention grabber. I just love using it for food preparation (yes! Hahah!) because the 440c is reliable and the G713 ergo makes work fun and enjoyable. Though some say it's SOG Salute homage, I'd say it's a better and handsomer than the SOG! All in all, the G13 is a great product and together with F755 - are my two most used knives. Keep on making good products at affordable prices Ganzo!

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Knife Ganzo G743-1 (Black, Green, Orange)

I love this knife. Its size, weight and style are just what I wanted when ordering.Its a little stiff when you open it but if you flick your wrist a little it'll open with a snap! The only problem I'm having is that the thumb stud came loose and fell out. It still works but now has a hole where the stud should be.

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BUY THIS KNIFE! You will not regret it! This has been the biggest surprise of my recent knife purchases. The action is buttery smooth, ergonomics are great and the steel is wonderful for the money. I love flipping this knife open! BUY ONE !!!!

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Knife Ganzo Firebird FB727S-CF

My first Ganzo knife, and what a great knife! Better action than some of my 100$+ knifes. Definitely a 5 star from me.

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Great knife. Have you guys considered making a steel framelock version of the FH41 like with the FH11? I think that would be a good seller.

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Knife Ganzo G7393 (Orange, Black, Green)

Very good knife, I have it for 4 years now, I had to sharpen it many times because I used it often. Its good looking and very convenient to keep it in a pocket, the clip placement is nice cause you can chose where to place it ^^ It's not the cas of many knives. I'm very satisfied but recently I opened it to clean and I lost the two springs from the G-lock system . I tried to contact Ganzo by email and facebook to buy new springs but still no answer after monthes. If someone in gonzo company sees that, can you contact me please?

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Knife Ganzo Firebird F753M1 (Black, Green, Orange)

This knife is more than worthy of every good thing I've heard or read about it. I'm really impressed with its good looks and feel. It's going to be a favorite here. No question about it. Good job, Ganzo!

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Knife Ganzo G740 (Black, Orange, Green)

I have the black one. Very solid knife. Razor sharp, big blade and handle for EDC, relatively thick blade. The lock however doesn't work smoothly, but it becomes more comfortable when used. I will say it again- very solid made knife.

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Knife Ganzo Firebird F759M (black, orange, green, blue, pink)

Just received it. It is my second Ganzo knife after 740 and I really love it. 740 (very solid knife) is to big for EDC (pocket carry) and 759m is a very good choice. What I dont like in 759m is its Spyderco clone look. Please, make your own designs. We are Ganzo lovers, we will buy Ganzo anyway. What I really like is the finger choil. Never used it, but like it to be there. One for sure- it will NOT be my last Ganzo.

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Knife Ganzo Firebird F759M (black, orange, green, blue, pink)

I bought this knife a few years ago, it's very light and the blade is incredible sharp out of the box... it has been my main EDC for a very long time... still sharp like when it was new. Well done Ganzo!

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Knife Ganzo G716

It is very good knife, i am using like personal safety knife. Only one think which I don't like , all parts are stainless steel ( anti corrosive ) but spring not ...

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It's my first Ganzo. Very well made knife. Nice factory sharpness, but now I don't know angle proper to sharpening.

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Knife Ganzo G743-2 (Black, Green, Orange)

I purchased this knife on Fasttech, for around 19$ 2-3 years ago. I've used it for everything indoors and probably 5-8 hours on to cut wood for fun. It's still in fantastic condition, blade with 440C steel held longer than I thought. It can still do the "paper test" great 60% of the time, a few small chips stopping it mainly - and that's with the factory edge. Never maintained it, no resharpening or stropping at all. Hasn't needed much cleaning but it still easy to clean. The knife also feels much better than knives slightly lower in price. Love the handle material and how you flick open the knife with your thumb. Very fast opening and closing one-handed. 10/10 knife.

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