Knife Ganzo G708

All ganzo knives are great, but sets the G708 apart from the rest is its carabiner hole. With the carabiner hole, you can now securely fasten the knife to yourself on outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing and canyoning to name a few. Great blade for outdoor activities as its thickness is 4mm, thus durable.

Knife Firebird F7603-CF

I recently purchased this knife off of amazon and man is it beautiful. It is actually my first non American made knife and I love it. I love the carbon fiber with the blue accents for hardware. Took a day to so to wear in the g-lock to where I can easily close the knife. The knife came paper cutting sharp but would not shave, although a bit of stroping would get it to that point. Great all around knife with very smooth function! I will define but another Ganzo/Firebird in the future!

Knife Ganzo G7211 (Black, Green)

I bought my knife at a gun show. Had it for 2 years never sharpened it. still cut rope, pry - farm usage - best knife ever, especially for the money. Never had any issue with it. Auto opens perfectly - very handy.

Knife Ganzo G7212 (Black, Green)

Straight up, I got this knife over six months ago, I've used it to cut cardboard and literally everything, it's ultra precise on cutting and opening it feels amazing. I can't say enough good things about this knife it's still sharp!

Knife Ganzo G711

Solid knife! If you fix the slight problem with the g-lock (in some knives it doesn't travel as far as it should so the blade is locked securely) or make it backlock it would be the perfect knive! Keep up the good work Ganzo!

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Knife Ganzo G720 (Black, Green, Orange)

I was so impressed with the F720 that I ended up buying 3 of the same model. It is a beast of a blade, heavy and sturdy, yet stays razor sharp. I like that it is thick and can be used for whatever task is needed. I have other more expensive knives that are nice to look at, but I wouldn't want to use them everyday. This is truly an EDC knife for a real man. Not a wimpy blade, but a brute of a folder. I will never buy an overpriced knife again when I could just own several of these.

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Knife Ganzo G7522 (Black, Green, Orange)

I've had this knife for a little over 9 months now and it quickly became my EDC. The blade swings open with a very smooth, satisfying sound. The blade is perfectly centered. I like the fullers on each side of the blade. I think this is a great knife for a crazy, low price. I've purchased a few as gifts and the recipients all come back to me raving about how much they enjoy their Ganzo knives. 5 stars!!

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Knife Firebird F759M (black, orange, green, blue, pink)

This is a great EDC knife. I have two F759 and i like using them. Blade could be thicker. I hope you offer this someday as a slip joint version, so it is legal to carry it in most countries.

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Knife Ganzo G722 (Black, Green, Orange)

I also bought one of these.I like heavy and hope Ganzo comes out with other tanks like this. I have lifted weights for goining on 57 years so heavy is relative to me. I also got the g720 another tank.The quality of these knives is unrivaled in this price range and beyond.

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Knife Ganzo G7522 (Black, Green, Orange)

Possibly the easiest knif to open that I have ever owned. Sturdy construction with no blade play when opened. Great knife to have on your belt in the bush in Africa

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Axe Ganzo GSA01-YE

hola buenas tardes. envian a bogota colombia, si es asi que costo tiene con el envio incluido. gracias

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Knife Firebird F7563 (Black, Green, Orange)

I just received my knife today. The locking mechanism is perfect but the action to open it is very stiff. Is there a way to fix this?

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Knife Ganzo G727M (Black, Green, Orange, Сamouflage)

Hi Ganzo G727M (Orange) My knife, black spots occurred How Can I solve this problem.

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Multi-Tool Ganzo G202B

Got my Ganzo G202B today, i'm impressed with the build and quality. Worth the money!!

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Knife Firebird F803 (Orange, Sand, Gray, Green)

I have had the G802 over a year ago, and I got the G8012 about 5 months ago, I am so very happy that Ganzo kept on working on the design and made the G803 because there are a few good improvements on it. The sheath is quite improved. It looks better and it is quite comfortable. I do wish that instead of using hook and loop on the strap that goes around the handle would instead be a button snap - that is a BIG DEAL, but at least the strap is in a better place on the G803. Switching to 8Cr13MoV is a very good improvement over 7Cr17MoV - that steel is okay but it isn't good enough for a true survival knife. I do wish that Ganzo would choose to make the G804 and this time make it with D2 tool steel or some other carbon steel like 1075 or 1095 carbon steel because a proper carbon steel would be totally awesome, but as I said8Cr13MoV is a good improvement that I like very much. If they want to stick with a stainless steel then I suggest Ganzo to go with a Sandvik steel like 14C28N for future upgrades. The handle is well made, I like the choil on the handle for the middle finger, that is more distinct than the way the handle was made on the other fixed blades. The handle is VERY comfortable and offers excellent grip in the hand. The colours are very nice. I do like the gray, it is subtle and looks great. The only one that looks a bit odd is the light green one, but there are a bunch of people who are into zombie green. BAck to the blade. The shape of the blade is very good. It cuts very well, I do like the very high flat grind. The thickness of the blade right at the final grind is not too thick to be a problem but it needs to be thick to do the hard work - BUT if the blade were made of an even higher quality steel they could make that thickness at the cutting edge even thinner and that would be a good thing. So, I have mentioned a lot of different things that Ganzo could do to make it a better knife, and I do wish those things would happen. BUT, I do not mean to suggest that this knife is poorly made or of low quality, not at all. This is a VERY good knife and it can be found for a VERY good price at several Chinese knife vendors on the internet. If you do not own a good fixed blade and you are on a budget then I suggest that you start with something like the Ganzo G803

Knife Ganzo G7482 (Orange, Black, Green)

I usually don't write reviews, however the quality of this knife has prompted me to do so. Well made, sturdy and after a quick visit to the honing stone, this knife not only holds an edge, it's capable of being sharpened to slice limp paper towels and toilet paper. Between myself and friends, the action has been open and closed at least 1000 times and the tolerances hold true. Exceptional knife for the price. Exceptional knife for twice the price.

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Knife Ganzo G724M (Black, Green, Orange)

I can't fin Ganzo G724 at GearBest. Have you stopped making them? Great knives!

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