Knife Firebird FH11 (Black, Green)

Great knife. Just one remark. New version with hole lefties is not great solution. Now knife looks unfinshed... some kid of plate to cover hole with be solution... sadly i have this new version...

Knife Firebird FH11 (Black, Green)

I own many ganzo knives and my favorites are the g7531 cf and the fh11. I would change nothing about the fh11,but I would like to see the 7531 come out in D2 and bronze washers on both sides. I used to only buy USA made knives,but you guys have made a China knife lover out of Keep up the good work!

Dear Mark, Thank you so much for your good comments about our service and Ganzo product. We`ll try to realize your wishes!
Multi-Tool Ganzo G302-Н

Hello, please replace one of the Blades in the wonderfull Tool with a file - this will be perfect...

Dear Giovanni, Thank you very much for your suggestion! We will consider it!
Knife Firebird FH11 (Black, Green)

i have tested 2 of these. PMI and Rockwell results show the D2 is not only real D2, both blades read 62 HRC. There has been no chipping during sharpening or use. Having tested 11 D2 knives so far, these are the hardest tested. If Ganzo keeps the quality of heat treat and uses D2 on their best designs, I don't think they will be able to keep up with the demand.

This is realy great knife. Thanks Kurt for testing Steel composition and hardness . Your buddy LuvThem Knives talk about your resultates on Youtube.
Knife Firebird FH11 (Black, Green)

Great knife, smooth action, comfortable and nice blade shape too. Also it’s very nice to have D2 steel, specially in this proce range! Will be so cool, if you will make COLORful versions of this knife!!!

Dear Pavel, thank you for your positive feedback and for your offer, we will consider it!!
Knife Firebird FH11 (Black, Green)

please make the the 793 in d2 also or just offer all your models in d2 on bearings thatd be great thank you. live your knivea by the way. on a quest to own one of every model.

Dear James, thank you for your offer and we will consider it!
Knife Firebird F7631-CF

This has got to be my favorite of the Firebird by Ganzo knives. The ball bearings in the pivot make it an absolute joy to deploy. This came razor sharp and has a solid lock up. Perfect centering and in all just a sexy knife. I highly recommend picking up this model!

Dear Robert, thank you for your positive feedback! Enjoy your Ganzo!
Whistle Ganzo

Nice camping/hiking accessory, could be the difference between life and death if you were to get lost in the woods. Also makes finding your knife easier if dropped in thick ground cover. would rate it higher but I haven't actually bought one, yet.

Dear Manster, thank you so much!
Knife Ganzo G719 (Black, Green)

I watch many videos about this knife and also I read many reviews and see many photos. So I think that the G719 is a very good knife. First the steel used for the blade (440C) is very resistant to corrosion and is one of the most good stainless, Second we all know that the material used for the handle (G10) is the ideal material for making knife handles because it is light, easily workable, does not expand or contract due to normal temperature and moisture exposure, and extremely rugged. Unfortunately, I don't have it. Besides I will very thankful if Ganzo company contact me and send it to me. It will help me so much. Finally I advise everyone to buy it and you won't be disappointed!

Dear Med, thank you for your positive feedback and five stars!
Knife Firebird F7582AL

I picked up the blue one and love it! Holds a great edge, opens smoothly and locks up tight. Great EDC!

Dear John, thank you a lot for good comments!
Knife Firebird F7582AL

An excellent quality fully automatic push button knife. Holds an edge and has a smooth opening. Locks up tight. Nice knife!

Dear Kevin, thank you so much for these warm words!
Knife Ganzo G707

This is the second Ganzo I have purchased (previously the G704), and I am amazed at the quality of the knives in relationship to their low costs. The automatic G707 opens in a flash and is razor sharp. I have Spyderco, Benchmade, Zero-Tolerance, Fox, and a number of other folders in my collection, and was thus skeptical when I read online reviews of Ganzo knives. These knives are both worthy of collection and for EDC!

Dear Albert, many thanks that you choose our products!
Knife Firebird F7621-CF

Will there be a smaller version like the F753M1? If you'll make one and add a backspacer in a less spacey color, like black G10 or carbon fiber then I'd get one :)

Dear Adahn, thank you for your offer and we will consider it!
Knife Firebird F7562-CF

I own this knife and love it. Quality materials, great precision "tight" feel. Is far superior to other knives of similar cost. Ganzo, you've made me a believer.

Dear Thomas, Thank you for your postive feedback and 5 stars!
Knife Ganzo G7531 (Black, Green, Orange)

I carry this knife every day. No hot spots in the hand. Nice pocket clip. Acceptable steel. GREAT texturing on the scales. I love the locking mechanism. It has changed my outlook on the traditional EDC pocket knives I have had for years. This knife made me a Ganzo fanboy.... :)

Thank you for such good comments!
Multi-Tool Ganzo G302-Н

Why don’t you drop the bit kit and put a file on the tool

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Knife Ganzo G7142

I bought this knife due to its reasonable price. However, it also fit very ergonomically in my hand. I immediately started wearing it and it's very light in my pocket. Good blade shape, great steel, perfect fit.

Thanks a lot for such a warm words! Have a nice day!
Knife Ganzo G7453P-WS (Black, Orange)

Ganzo G745 is a great design. Works with the flint and gives sparks very well. Affordable knife. I use Orange handle one and works great in wilderness.

Dear, Saminda! Thank you for your positive feedback. Enjoy your Ganzo products!
Knife Ganzo G708

All ganzo knives are great, but sets the G708 apart from the rest is its carabiner hole. With the carabiner hole, you can now securely fasten the knife to yourself on outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing and canyoning to name a few. Great blade for outdoor activities as its thickness is 4mm, thus durable.

Dear Johnson! Thanks a lot for the good words!