Knife Firebird by Ganzo F759M (black, orange, green, blue, pink)

I have the F759M with orange scales. I am so impressed with this knife. I saw the positive reviews of the F759M and decided to give it a try. It is a great little knife at an unbelievable price. I went ahead and ordered 2 more in blue and green. Smooth action, sharp out of the box, and solid lockup. I will be buying more Ganzo knives.

Thanks for uour feedback.
Knife Ganzo G724M (Black, Green, Orange)

Have had this and other Ganzos for many years. This is still my Work Edc knife. Recently went camping and forgot my small axe. Used this knife to baton kindling all during the 4th weekend. The lock held ( I didn’t think it would) my respect for this knife only gets Bigger over the years.

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Multi-Tool Ganzo G302-Н

Very good quality multi tool and very handy I bought one for myself and bought one for my dad as a birthday gift and he also really love the ganzo g302

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Knife Ganzo G7501 (Black, Green, Orange)

Hi, I bought one of these but I received the F7501. I don't find this model on your website. It's a little bit different...without the 3 green lines. Is the F7501 a new version of the G7501 ? Same specifications and same design. The axis lock is a little bit hard but it works well. Thx

Hello, You received F7501, it`s an updated version of G7501 without the 3 green lines.
Knife Ganzo G704, Army Green

I'm guessing this is the exact same knife as the F704? It's mine and many of my friends favorite Ganzo knife that we all can agree on. Great Fit and finish a great hardness (HRC) and just amazingly priced. If you made a successor to this knife I would strongly recommend that you make a version with a flipper design,it would be a top seller. Keep the same great shape and 440C blade with the same fit and finish. Even make a D2 version also if you want for those that prefer that. But I would at least start with the 440C to stay true to the original Ganzo/Firebird. Something I also would suggest would be to either include or sell separately different colored anodized thumb studs and scale screws and pocket clips. People love to customize their knives. And it would be a great addition to Ganzo knives also. Making it even more value for enthusiasts that still on budgets. I absolutely love this knife,and if I could have a F704 with a flipper it would be the best. Keep up the great work

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Knife Adimanti by Ganzo (SKIMEN design) Camouflage

Really like the feel and the look and the functionality of this one. This Ganzo Skimen collab does NOT disappoint. Great functionality great fit and finish and great price. The blade design is well thought out,with a 3.5 mm thick blade at the thickest part of the blade towards the middle and back spine. But don't get fooled they did something smart here with a "split" blade reminding of a dagger where the top part towards the spine is thicker and towards the middle of the blade. And down towards the edge it get thinner but not in a weak way. It's obvious that Skimen know his blades and know a good blade design. And sometimes having a thinner part of the blade to work with is indeed much appreciated for finer tasks. But this can handle most task. If you are looking for a thinner blade to do finer work I can HIGHLY also recommend the FB727S,it does not have a flipper but the action and fit and finish is also great. I now have about 15 Ganzo knives,and my biggest wish is that Ganzo makes a F704 with a flipper,that knife is also one of my favorite along with the Skimen. But having a F704 with a flipper would just be a dream come true,and I know they would sell a ton cause I haven't heard any that doesn't like the F704. Sorry for the tangent,I just have a love for well made affordable knives. Should you get a Skimen? YES get 2.. They are absolute worth it and put knives that are twice the price (or more) to shame. No complaints here.

Thanks for your detailed feedback.
Multi Tool Ganzo G112

TARTA DE NARANJA SIN HORNO FACIL Y DELICIOSA. Loli DomГ­nguez - Recetas paso a paso, tutorial.

Knife Adimanti model Neformat by Ganzo (SKIMEN DESIGN) TITANIUM HANDLE S35VN

I have been purchasing ganzo knives for years. In my opinion, they are some of the best bang for your buck knives around. I'm browsing knives and what do I see on Amazon?, a 100 dollar Ganzo? I had to get this thing and it didn't disappoint! You guys knocked the ball out of the park. My ti Neformat is perfect,no flaws whatsoever. Thanks for making the Adimante Neformat with s35vn and titanium. I am grateful.

Dear Mark, thanks for your feedback! Enjoy your knife!
Knife Firebird by Ganzo F7611-CF

I've been carrying two of these knives for about a year now. The 440c blade takes a good edge and holds it well. After loosening the main screw a bit the action is smooth and makes one hand opening and closing a breeze. I would totally buy again or recommend these as a gift.

Dear David, thanks for the feedback. Enjoy your knife!
Knife Firebird by Ganzo F753M1 (Black, Green, Orange)

Amazing knife for the money, feels great, almost no play, easy to rescharp but hard 440c steel, g10 scales feel great. Best edc knife for beginners!

Dear Mikolaj, thanks for the feedback!
Knife Firebird by Ganzo FH91 (Black, Green, Gray)

Really like the neutral shape with various contouring. Great blade shape with with a solid build. All the new D2 offerings make great EDCs that carry easily. Glade that your knives are original designs now.

Dear Customer, thanks for the positive feedback!
Knife Firebird by Ganzo FH21 (black, green, blue)

This knife has a great handle shape that really fits the hand well. Feels solid and has a great blade shape. Could not ask for any thing more. Comes sharp with a D2 blade that has been tested to be real. Perfect EDC.

Dear Customer, thanks a lot for the comment!
KNIFE Firebird by Ganzo FH41 (BLACK, GREEN, GRAY)

Nice knife but blade too thick. A thinner blade cuts better and feels better, see Spyderco. You don't need 3, 4 mm, up to 2 is more than enough. It won't be the blade that breaks first anyway, on foldables.

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Knife Firebird by Ganzo F7551-CF

Came centered better than my knives 10x the price... surprisingly high quality for the price

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Knife Ganzo G713

The G713 is sharp and nimble, the "intimidating" design makes it an attention grabber. I just love using it for food preparation (yes! Hahah!) because the 440c is reliable and the G713 ergo makes work fun and enjoyable. Though some say it's SOG Salute homage, I'd say it's a better and handsomer than the SOG! All in all, the G13 is a great product and together with F755 - are my two most used knives. Keep on making good products at affordable prices Ganzo!

Dear Customer, thank you for your comments!
Knife Ganzo G743-1 (Black, Green, Orange)

I love this knife. Its size, weight and style are just what I wanted when ordering.Its a little stiff when you open it but if you flick your wrist a little it'll open with a snap! The only problem I'm having is that the thumb stud came loose and fell out. It still works but now has a hole where the stud should be.

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KNIFE Firebird by Ganzo FH41 (BLACK, GREEN, GRAY)

BUY THIS KNIFE! You will not regret it! This has been the biggest surprise of my recent knife purchases. The action is buttery smooth, ergonomics are great and the steel is wonderful for the money. I love flipping this knife open! BUY ONE !!!!

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