Knife Ganzo G7142

Good first knife but somehow I can't disassemble it for maintenance.

Multi-Tool Ganzo G302B

Fantastic multi tool have used many times now and has not let me down. I particularly like the pliers and the screwdrivers. The knife is also very sharp and well made. Whole construction is done well.

Knife Ganzo G708

coltello bellissimo piccolo e maneggevole, bella lama

Knife Ganzo G7142

This knife is best for edc glad i found it i hope theres more good quality cheap knives -phillippines

Knife Ganzo G7211 (Black, Green)

Outstanding knife for the money. Have had mine for over a year and it is my EDC knife... stays literally razor sharp with a touch from my Ken Onion knife sharpener every couple weeks. Extremely nice quality and solid lockup with no play. Looking for different versions to buy..

Meant to hit 5 stars..
Knife Ganzo G712

This knife is built better than the one it supposedly copied! Lots of people are upset because it looks like the Benchmade which cost 6x as much and IMO Ganzo is more heavily built. The only difference is the blade steel. Ganzo 440C vs Benchmade 154CM. The 154CM will not hold an edge that much longer. My G712 has held up very well with no issues what so ever! Excellent knife!

Thanks so much for your review.. I have no doubt to choose this knife... Can't wait it come to my hand
Axe Ganzo GSA01-YE

Where can I buy this thing at???? I live in the US.

I will like to buy one, where in the us you can get it?
Knife Ganzo G710

Bought this knife last week and so far so good! Was suprised by the weight and feel. Really feels great in the hand and with the blade style it is excellent. Sharp out of the box. 440C steel is very good indeed.

Knife Ganzo G702

A 702 with a black blade...please make more!

Thank you for your appeal. Every time we read the reviews from our customers, we try to realize your wishes!
Knife Ganzo G746-3-RB

I just recently purchased the ganzo G746-3 RB. I spend a lot of time outdoors, with my children as I did when I was a child. I hunt and fish all throughout the seasons. And a good reliable knife is a must have. It has strong features and a cool appearance

Thanks for your feedback and interest to Ganzo company. Nice to know that you like our knives. Enjoy your Ganzo!
Knife Ganzo G727M (Black, Green, Orange, Сamouflage)

Awesome knife for the price. I love that I can hand sharpen it, unlike any BM/ZT/Spyderco blades I have. Miracle steels are great if you have an electric sharpener, but for a bugout bag, wherein I have to maintain my blade for an extended period, I choose this knife.

Hello Jack ! Thanks for your comment. It's really nice to read that you like our knives!
Axe Ganzo GSA01-YE

can this be send to holland ??? greet demy

Thank you for your request and for your interest in our products, Please ask all questions on the mail