Ganzo G806 - a reliable knife for your adventures

Ganzo knives are focused primarily on the needs of outdoor enthusiasts. These knives are easy to use, compact, light weight, and made of durable and wear-resistant materials. Each piece is made as ergonomic as possible, convenient to use, and the blade is protected from corrosion, damage, and chips. Ganzo models perfectly hold sharpening, and you can use them in a variety of life situations - universal tools will come in handy when fishing, hunting, camping, at home, at home, while traveling.

As for the Ganzo G806 knife, this novelty is a solid and massive knife with a fairly strong handle with a relief surface. It will be quite comfortable to hold such a tool in your hand. Knife of a clumsy design. Lasting. A special sheath is provided for its storage, moreover, the colors of the model vary - at your discretion.


The G806 model has a typical Drop Point blade, the difference of which is in the butt line descending to the tip. The point itself is lowered closer to the longitudinal axis of the blade. In appearance, such a blade resembles an elongated drop, hence the name of this variety. Such a blade is convenient for performing various operations, both with stabbing and cutting movements, it proves to be quite effective. The material for the blade was 8CR14 steel, which is characterized by a high content of carbon (about 0.75%) and chromium (14.5%). The hardness of steel reaches a value of 56 units on the Rockwell scale. Good wear resistance, rust resistance, moreover, it is durable in use. The blade can withstand heavy loads during operation.

The handle of the knife is made of PP+TPR material. TPR or thermoplastic rubber is a synthetic polymer that has the properties of rubber and plastic. In gloves, it is used as a layer that protects the hand from shock effects - it is able to absorb and dissipate the impact energy. It is safe and convenient to work with such a knife. Sheaths are polypropylene. Polypropylene demonstrates high resistance to damage, has a low density, it is also not afraid of shocks and deformations.

There is a hole for a lanyard. Neat appearance, simplicity of this knife, its practicality make the novelty an attractive option for many purposes and tasks. Although the model does not have a folding design, in general its dimensions are quite small, and the weight is light, so that you can always carry it with you and use it at any convenient moment.

Knife Dimensions

The total length of the Ganzo G806 reaches 217 millimeters, the blade length is 98 millimeters, and the handle length is 119 millimeters. Blade thickness is 2.3 mm. The model weighs 88.5 grams. The knife is useful for tourists, travelers, all active people, including, it can be useful at home. Versatile, highly effective, has a laconic design, and is designed for daily intensive use.


The Ganzo G806 model is a convenient and practical knife for outdoor activities, tourism, travel, outdoor survival. Such a knife will help in many typical tasks, being a versatile tool, and its design and external simplicity will appeal to many. Strong and wear-resistant materials at the heart of this knife give it reliability. Effectively protected from corrosion, durable, safe. There are special scabbards for storage. Uncomplicated design. Ergonomic knife is ideal for fishermen, tourists, outdoor enthusiasts. Manufacturers have made it resistant to damage and deformation, guaranteeing long and trouble-free operation. The small dimensions of this knife and light weight are additional advantages.


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