Sharpening stone Ganzo 1500 grit

Stone with large abrasive elements 1500 will complement Ganzo Touch Pro Steel sharpener ideally. Replacement abrasive 1500 grit is a great choise for coarse sharpening and recovery of knives and other tools.



Description of the Sharpening stone Ganzo 1500 grit:

Ganzo coarse sharpening stone 1500 for Ganzo Touch Pro Steel, expands the functionality of the sharpener and increases the range of tools you can sharpen. Since frequently used sharpening stones require periodic replacement, so the best choice - Ganzo-stone. With Ganzo grit 1500 sharpening stone you can perform blade's sharpening of any complexity and to restore the cutting edge. This tool is suitable for sharpening and recovery of all knives and other tools, which can be used in coarse sharpening. Large abrasive particles are effective for coarse sharpening and restoration of deformed and damaged blades. They form the angle you need very quickly and prepare the metal for finish polishing.


  • Brand - Ganzo;
  • Type - portable;
  • Grit - 1500;
  • Material - synthetic sharpeners;
  • For the blades - with a straight sharpening.
Brand Ganzo
Type portable
Material synthetic sharpeners
Grit 1500
For the blades with a straight sharpening

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Sharpening stone Ganzo 1500 grit Sharpening stone Ganzo 1500 grit