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I have been purchasing ganzo knives for years. In my opinion, they are some of the best bang for your buck knives around. I'm browsing knives and what do I see on Amazon?, a 100 dollar Ganzo? I had...More

Dear Mark, thanks for your feedback! Enjoy your knife!

I've been carrying two of these knives for about a year now. The 440c blade takes a good edge and holds it well. After loosening the main screw a bit the action is smooth and makes one hand...More

Dear David, thanks for the feedback. Enjoy your knife!

Amazing knife for the money, feels great, almost no play, easy to rescharp but hard 440c steel, g10 scales feel great. Best edc knife for beginners!

Dear Mikolaj, thanks for the feedback!

Really like the neutral shape with various contouring. Great blade shape with with a solid build. All the new D2 offerings make great EDCs that carry easily. Glade that your knives are original...More

Dear Customer, thanks for the positive feedback!

Ganzo has succeeded in creating practical EDC knives for the needs of active users. Compact models are most often used in tourism and in various other types of outdoor activities. The knives are durable, they have a thoughtful and comfortable design, which is designed to be comfortable in all conditions. In addition, the Ganzo models are lightweight, sturdy, and will withstand all sorts of impacts during use. The steel for such knives is wear-resistant, protected from rust, the handle is based on the most reliable and high-quality materials, such as, for example, G10 fiberglass. Manufacturers supply knives with quality blades that are versatile and suitable for a wide variety of jobs.


Those who use knives or other cutting or stabbing devices know that sooner or later the blade becomes dull. In this case, there is an inevitable need to process the cutting edge. You can cope with this task in different ways, for beginners it is difficult. But manufacturers offer excellent solutions to the problem, and with modern sharpening machines it is possible to sharpen a blade without special skills and abilities. The sharpeners are well adapted to the needs of the user, they are easy to use, compact and light in weight, well thought out in terms of design, powerful and efficient. So the sharpener from Ganzo Razor Pro does not lag behind modern trends. Using this model, you can sharpen your tools with a minimum of effort and quickly.


 The Adimanti NEFORMAT model with Skimen design belongs to the category of exclusive design products. This knife is the result of the creativity of the famous master Ruslan Skimen, with whom the Ganzo company had experience of cooperation. The Adimanti brand was supposed to bring together products from various freelance designers. I must say that the idea of cooperation with bloggers (which Skimen Ruslan is) is quite successful. After all, who else, if not famous opinion leaders, is aware of what users expect, what their preferences, wishes and comments may be. So the Adimanti NEFORMAT (Skimen-TI) knife came out great. First of all, we note that this is a working sensible tool made of materials of excellent quality. Very sturdy, very durable, ready for all kinds of tests. The second point is that the knife is simple, neat, classic looking. It has a pleasant appearance, it is ergonomic and adapted for practical use. Noble light gray color. You can admire the model. This is how it is - laconic and effective.


Ganzo is an excellent quality at the best price!

Ganzo Company for more than 20 years of existence has grown into a brand of international level, well-known far beyond the borders of China: the US, Germany, France, Spain, Switzerland, New Zealand and many other countries. This widespread acceptance the company achieved because the strategy of its development was properly merged on own engineering design and best achievements of international companies. Naturally, only high-quality materials are selected for the production: 440C stainless steel with high carbon composition, durable and resistant to various effects plastics, diamond and abrasive surfaces of the grinding stones.

Among the wide range of Ganzo tools one can select those tools that meet the necessary purpose and professional level. For example, sharpening systems Ganzo Touch Pro Ultra, Ganzo Touch Pro, Ganzo 501 allow to sharpen different blades with high quality, including – knives with the serrated sharpening. Wherein, the user can set and fix the necessary sharpening angle. At the same time, one can buy very small pocket sharpeners such as Ganzo G505, Ganzo G506, replaceable grindstones you can take with you on hunting or hiking. They will not occupy much space but you can easily return the sharpness to your knife.

The same large variety is among Ganzo knives. At customers’ services there are hunting, tourist, and city folding knives. 440C stainless steel that retains well the sharpening, as well as plastics that immune to external impact and composite materials for handles – are used for each of them. Such knife will be useful during any type of rest: during fishing, picnic, or serious hiking. Using this knife one can prepare meals, clean the fish or to cut the carcass on the hunt, open the tinned goods or cut the branch – you will not be able to list it all.

Multi-tool is a tool for those people who want to be sure that in any condition they have “at hand” tools necessary for repair. It is compact and light but combines many practical tools: from the knife and bottle-opener up to a screw-driver set, saw and awl. Of course, the central tool of each multi-tool is pliers that can also serve as cutting pliers. Every cyclist tries to put multi-tool into a bike kit, and tourists will definitely take it with them in a backpack. Using it, it is easy to repair equipment, hiking equipment and even to fix the slider on the jacket clasp.

The quality of each of Ganzo tool is confirmed with the corresponding certificates and is tested at all production stages. A further confirmation is a steadily increasing demand in various countries of the world. An excellent possibility to use the advantage of Ganzo knives and multi-tools is provided for customers.