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i also want one or two of these sharpenrers but delivery to australia please

Dear Deano, please contact support@ganzoknife.com for further information!

Nice camping/hiking accessory, could be the difference between life and death if you were to get lost in the woods. Also makes finding your knife easier if dropped in thick ground cover. would rate...More

Dear Manster, thank you so much!

I watch many videos about this knife and also I read many reviews and see many photos. So I think that the G719 is a very good knife. First the steel used for the blade (440C) is very resistant to...More

Dear Med, thank you for your positive feedback and five stars!

I picked up the blue one and love it! Holds a great edge, opens smoothly and locks up tight. Great EDC!

Dear John, thank you a lot for good comments!

An excellent quality fully automatic push button knife. Holds an edge and has a smooth opening. Locks up tight. Nice knife!

Dear Kevin, thank you so much for these warm words!

A small folding knife Firebird FB7621 will become a true "helper" in everyday life or during a hike. Although this model has relatively small overall dimensions, it copes with a wide range of tasks perfectly, which includes working with various products.

One of the most important advantages of this knife, in addition to design, is the excellent quality of work, due to the use of first-class materials, as well as the thoughtfulness of the design and adjustment of all components to each other.

In order to learn more about all the advantages of the Firebird FB7621, we offer you an overview of this knife.


Ganzo G749 FireBird is the same series of practical knives as the G750 and G753. The knife differs in that it has a lock liner, and in addition to it is made a flipper (ledge on the heel of the blade), which is recognized to speed up the opening of the blade.


Ganzo is an excellent quality at the best price!

Ganzo Company for more than 20 years of existence has grown into a brand of international level, well-known far beyond the borders of China: the US, Germany, France, Spain, Switzerland, New Zealand and many other countries. This widespread acceptance the company achieved because the strategy of its development was properly merged on own engineering design and best achievements of international companies. Naturally, only high-quality materials are selected for the production: 440C stainless steel with high carbon composition, durable and resistant to various effects plastics, diamond and abrasive surfaces of the grinding stones.

Among the wide range of Ganzo tools one can select those tools that meet the necessary purpose and professional level. For example, sharpening systems Ganzo Touch Pro Ultra, Ganzo Touch Pro, Ganzo 501 allow to sharpen different blades with high quality, including – knives with the serrated sharpening. Wherein, the user can set and fix the necessary sharpening angle. At the same time, one can buy very small pocket sharpeners such as Ganzo G505, Ganzo G506, replaceable grindstones you can take with you on hunting or hiking. They will not occupy much space but you can easily return the sharpness to your knife.

The same large variety is among Ganzo knives. At customers’ services there are hunting, tourist, and city folding knives. 440C stainless steel that retains well the sharpening, as well as plastics that immune to external impact and composite materials for handles – are used for each of them. Such knife will be useful during any type of rest: during fishing, picnic, or serious hiking. Using this knife one can prepare meals, clean the fish or to cut the carcass on the hunt, open the tinned goods or cut the branch – you will not be able to list it all.

Multi-tool is a tool for those people who want to be sure that in any condition they have “at hand” tools necessary for repair. It is compact and light but combines many practical tools: from the knife and bottle-opener up to a screw-driver set, saw and awl. Of course, the central tool of each multi-tool is pliers that can also serve as cutting pliers. Every cyclist tries to put multi-tool into a bike kit, and tourists will definitely take it with them in a backpack. Using it, it is easy to repair equipment, hiking equipment and even to fix the slider on the jacket clasp.

The quality of each of Ganzo tool is confirmed with the corresponding certificates and is tested at all production stages. A further confirmation is a steadily increasing demand in various countries of the world. An excellent possibility to use the advantage of Ganzo knives and multi-tools is provided for customers.