Knife Firebird by Ganzo FH61-CF

Firebird FH61-CF is a universal model that will serve for different types of tasks. The handle of this model is made of carbon polymer.



Description of the knife Firebird FH61-CF:

The Firebird Trademark begins in 2015, and over these years it has caught the knife lovers interest. The Chinese Company Ganzo created it to the delight of many fans of functional and stylish EDC-models. The FH series combines high-quality and at the same time affordable knives for everyday use. These knives are impeccable, as stated by numerous users of models. And recently the Ganzo Company introduced a new product – Firebird FH61. There are four versions of the handle – in black, green, gray, as well as the usual "carbon" color. The manufacturer characterizes its new product as a small, light, but durable, at the same time, knife. Distinctive features are the blade's shape – Clip-Point and comfortable handle design. Now let's talk in more detail.

The length of the model reaches 17.1 centimeters, the length of the blade – 7 centimeters, its thickness – 3.5 millimeters. The weight is 100 grams. It is made using D2 grade steel, the hardness of which corresponds to 58-60 Rockwell units. The hardness of about 60 units is considered to be quite good, in practice, there are no models with an indicator of more than 65. This is due to the fact that very hard metal becomes more brittle, and for the knives, such quality is not desirable. D2 steel is characterized as an expensive, but at the same time, high-quality material. It has all the necessary properties, and the constituent elements are in optimal proportions. The alloy has a high level of carbon and chromium in its composition, is resistant to corrosion, as well as all sorts of loads and mechanical stress.

The handle in the basic versions of the flipper (black, green, gray) is made using steel liners, polymer spacer and textured pads of G10. In the FH61-CF version, the smooth carbon polymer pads are used. The pads are fixed with steel screw-bolts of Torx. G10 is a composite material based on fiberglass and epoxy resin. It has impact resistance, strength, moisture resistance. It can be easily dyed and the required processing. The design of 10 centimeters length handle is provided with a hole for a lanyard and a fully removable belt clip.

The blade could be removed either by a small hole for the thumb at the base or by flipper with anti-slip cuts. The blade is fixed due to the presence of steel lock of a Liner-Lock type.

Whom was the new product created for? For tourists, extreme, military, ordinary people. Helps with household chores. In short, this product can be considered universal. The effective tool, it can serve as an effective weapon, as well, if necessary.

Peculiar properties:

  • the type of lock for closing and opening – Flipper;
  • the sharpening of the blade – straight;
  • the handle is made of carbon polymer;
  • the blade thickness – 3.5 mm;
  • the blade is made of D2 steel;
  • the length in working position – 171 mm;
  • the weight of the knife is 100 grams.

Warranty: The manufacturer provides free warranty service for Firebird FH61 for 1 year.

Knife Type Folding
Lock Type Flipper Lock
Blade Edge Plain
Point Bowie
Blade Material D2
Blade Color Gray
Handle Material Carbon fiber
Handle Color Black
Total Length, mm 170.1
Blade Length, mm 70
Blade Thickness, mm 3.5
Knife Weight, g 100

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Knife Firebird by Ganzo FH61-CF Knife Firebird by Ganzo FH61-CF Knife Firebird by Ganzo FH61-CF Knife Firebird by Ganzo FH61-CF Knife Firebird by Ganzo FH61-CF