​Knife G6804: durable EDC for the needs of active people

The Ganzo G6804 model is a continuation of the line of reliable EDC tools for the needs of active people. Such a simple and practical knife will find its use not only during outdoor activities, but also as a tool for solving household tasks at home. The peculiarity of this knife is the presence of a normal blade shape, which is optimal for hunting tasks. Often such blades are used by hunters, but in general it can be argued that the model has a universal purpose. 

Knife is very compact. This is usually very easy to operate and can be opened and closed with one hand. The knife mechanism contributes to safety when working with the product. This means that the blade is securely locked inside with a lock, and it is not difficult to remove it from there. The clip makes it possible to attach the model to a pocket or fix it on the belt of trousers, place it on a backpack. Convenience and ergonomics are the features that distinguish the knives of the line.


Knife Ganzo G6804 has a blade made of 8CR14 steel, hardness reaches + -57HRC. Steel is not subject to corrosion, alloyed with molybdenum and vanadium. It is quite durable and resists wear well. The knife is adapted to serious loads, can be used as a tourist option. The blade shape is suitable for cutting, piercing, planing operations. It is very convenient to use such a knife to remove the skin from the prey during the hunt.

The handle of the model is made of fiberglass G10, this material demonstrates high resistance to temperature, deformation, moisture. The wear-resistant component guarantees the product a long service life. This knife will last a really long time. The surface of the handle is rough, which means that the knife will not slip in the hands of the owner, even if they are wet. G10 can be painted without any problems, which provides opportunities for different design solutions. This model is presented in three color options: black, gray and green.

The knife will appeal to lovers of simplicity and convenience, effectively performing the most typical tasks at home, at work, during leisure. Knife has a Liner Lock. This type of lock is quite simple, and consists of a flat spring that raises the blade. When closed, the liner hides inside the handle, and when unfolded, the free part of the plate, moving, rests against the blade heel. To fold the blade, it is enough to push the liner a little to the side with your finger.

Knife dimensions

The length of the overall model reaches 20 centimeters, the length of the blade is 8.9 centimeters. The thickness of the blade reaches 2.8 millimeters.


The knife is adapted to the loads, has strong steel, is protected from rust, and is safe to use. It is easy to carry, there is a comfortable clip. One hand control. The knife blade is effective in various operations, so it can be considered a universal variety. We provided three color options for this knife to choose from. Strong materials at the heart of the model contribute to the fact that the knife will serve the owner for a long time, performing its functions with high quality. Ideal for tourism, outdoor activities, can be used in different situations, useful at home in everyday life, for some professional tasks. It will be especially good for hunting - so you can safely take the model with you, relying on it in difficult moments. Reliable compact tool.


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