Reasons to buy a new EDC knife Firebird FH924

A new product Ganzo, the Firebird FH924 EDC knife is one of the most practical tools you could ever buy. With its help, you can not only cut food while traveling or quickly unpack a cardboard box, but also solve more difficult tasks, for example, cut small branches for starting a fire and even cut a car tire.

The main advantage of a knife for everyday use is that the more often you carry it, the more options you find for it. But the Firebird FH924 is not without another important quality — aesthetics, which transforms the knife from an ordinary cutting tool into a stylish addition to any everyday look.

It doesn't matter which side you are on: the side of practicality or attractive design (or maybe you are trying to balance between these two concepts?). There are at least four reasons why you will want to own Ganzo's new FH924 EDC knife.

Reason 1: D2 steel blade

D2 grade stainless steel strikes a sweet spot between cost, performance, and strength characteristics, so it's often found in Ganzo's everyday tools. The metal belongs to carbon steels with high resistance to deformation and chipping, and together with hardening to a value of the order of 60 HRC, the FH924 blade acquires wear resistance similar to survival tools.

One cannot fail to note the shape of the Wharncliffe blade, which is quite unusual for the brand's range. This shape is distinguished by a perfectly even cutting edge, which is formed due to a sharp narrowing from the butt to the tip and allows you to use the entire length of the blade with equal efficiency, unlike knives with a traditional shape. Another characteristic feature is the blunt profile of the blade, which has a visual resemblance to the claw of an animal. You will probably have to get used to this shape a little if you have only used classic knives before, but you will quickly appreciate the capabilities of the tool, which is especially effective in point cuts.

Reason 2: Liner Lock mechanism

Among the existing locking mechanisms in folding knives, the Liner lock is an immortal classic due to its high strength and ease of use. The mechanism does not require careful maintenance: it is enough to ensure that wood shavings, grains of sand and other impurities do not get inside - this will preserve the smoothness of opening and closing of the tool. At the same time, the lock is able to withstand a load of up to 70 kg, so it will not fold in case of intense pressure on the blade.

The opening speed is another small but nice bonus of the mechanism. The Firebird FH924 knife can be brought into combat readiness with one movement of the right or left hand. For this, a through-thickness hole was provided in the blade


Reason 3: Carbon fiber handle

The user has a choice of four knife options: black, gray and green with G10 contour pads, as well as a model with carbon pads.

Glasstextolite G10 is probably one of the most practical materials for knife handles. It is characterized by extreme impact and heat resistance, as well as resistance to most chemicals. The rough surface of G10 helps to firmly hold the tool both with a bare palm and a gloved hand. At the same time, the material does not cling to clothes, allowing you to freely take out and put the knife in your pocket.

Carbon is not inferior to the properties of fiberglass, but it can boast of another interesting feature — an original structure with a fine interweaving of carbon fiber threads that shimmer hypnotically under the sun's rays.

Reason 4: Ergonomics and efficiency

Despite its functionality, the new FH924 has miniature dimensions that facilitate everyday wearing of the model. The length of the unfolded structure is 160 mm, but when folded, this value decreases to 95 mm, so the knife can easily fit in the palm of an adult. Add to this a weight of only 84 g, as well as the presence of a two-position clip, and you will get the perfect assistant that you can carry in your clothes pocket every day.

There is also a wide hole in the tail of the handle. Thanks to it, a lanyard can be attached to the knife to increase the safety of using the tool or simply as a decorative addition to the overall design.


The Firebird FH924 knife instantly attracts attention with its appearance, but fans of quality tools will also appreciate its performance characteristics. The model belongs to the EDC category for use in urban conditions, but it is also capable of more complex tasks that may arise far outside the metropolis. All thanks to the sharp and durable D2 stainless steel blade, the reliable Liner lock mechanism and the ergonomic design with shock-resistant pads.


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