Knife Ganzo F7533 (Black, Green, Orange) reviews

Joseph 08/10/2019 15:02

Favorite Ganzo knife.
Design, perfectly centered, sharpness.
Overall quality.

08/16/2019 11:39

Dear Joseph, thank you very much for your feedback!

Liam Wesson 01/23/2019 18:10

I baught this knife at a Mall for $40, and I am impressed.
I have a little collection of foldys ranging from $10 to $150 that will now experience a long period of neglect due to this knife.

The main feature that drew my to the GANZO cabinet was the abundance of AXIS locks.
Although the retention of the axis lock is a little bit of a finger chewer, all knives have trade offs that you have to deal with and this knife has few for the price. (That is an amazing thing just buy all of them)

01/30/2019 10:18

Dear Liam,
Thanks for your positive feedback! Enjoy your Ganzo products!

Daniel 12/23/2016 17:47

Great little knife with a fantastic blade shape which is perfectly centred and has a lovely titanium colouring
The handles are a nice grippy G10 in a great olive green colour which looks great against the blue hardwear

Really, really like this folder

12/27/2016 14:45

Hello Daniel! Thanks for your nice comment. G7533 is a versatile practical knife, which is suitable for tourism and outdoor activities. Thanks for choosing Ganzo!

Joshua 12/14/2016 13:45

This knife has become one of my favourites. The ergonomics are good and it is well built. The design and color combo is good as well. The blade coating has held up well.

12/20/2016 14:49

Dear Joshua! Thanks for your positive feedback! Nice to read such a good words about our knife.

Andrew 10/04/2016 16:49

WOW! This item exceeded my expectations! I'm very happy! Highly recommended! You will not be disappointed.

10/06/2016 16:39

Hello Andrew! Thanks for such a good comments about G7533 model. This new knife is absolutely great, so we also recommend it highly!

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