Knife Firebird F7562-CF reviews

Thomas Linn
May 3, 2018 03:32

I own this knife and love it. Quality materials, great precision "tight" feel. Is far superior to other knives of similar cost. Ganzo, you've made me a believer.
May 3, 2018 11:50

Dear Thomas,
Thank you for your postive feedback and 5 stars!

Nick Bailey
October 8, 2017 20:58

Really beautiful knife. Blue anodized accents are attractive. VERY well constructed. GENUINE carbon fiber. Axis style lock is perfect, no grit, very smooth. Blade is grinded dead even, and the stone wash finish is great. Took just a little honing to get razor sharp. No flaws or defects at all. The value is off the charts. Looks like it would cost $200+ easy. Thank you Ganzo, for providing excellent knives to us regular people!
October 9, 2017 08:41

Dear Nick! It's nice to read that you love our knives. KNIFE FIREBIRD F7562-CF is a model, which combines good quality and high level of functionality. Thanks for your kind words and interest to Ganzo!

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