Knife Ganzo G740 (Black, Orange, Green)

Just waiting for the day you make a 3 inch version of this knife. The lines are amazing... It's just too big.

Dear Thomas, thank you for your offer, we`ll consider your idea!
Knife Ganzo G7482 (Orange, Black, Green)

About three years ago I was looking to find a knife that I would carry every day. I bought about 6 knives. Two of them where $120+ plus from high guys like Benchmade, two where in the $75 dollar range, and two were Inexpensive Ganzos. After 3 years I can say that this is the knife I carry every day. It opens and locks like clock work. I use all the time and do have to sharpen it every couple months. Still, for the price, you won’t find a better light duty knife.

Dear Brook, thanks for your feedback. Enjoy your Ganzo!
KNIFE Firebird by Ganzo FH41 (BLACK, GREEN, GRAY)

This is my first D2 Ganzo, but I'm a big fan. Ganzo knives are super! I can't begin to say enough about them. They are priced to sell! The quality is second to none, and yet they keep getting better! Unlike early flipper models like the F743, the second generation flippers work as well as assisted knives but without the springs. The handles have such a great feel too, like other Ganzo knives, much effort is put into the design. The knives are extremely ergonomic. If you haven't seen a Ganzo knife yet, get one! You will not be disappointed.

Dear James, thank you a lot for your positive feedback!
Knife Firebird by Ganzo FB7651 (Black, Green, Gray)

These new Firebird knives by Ganzo are superb!The D2 steel used is a slight upgrade from 440c and these flippers work so well. Ganzo learns fast, and the next generation flippers work every time without a spring assist. The lock is firm with no blade play. These knives come razor sharp right out of the box. For the price, Ganzo knives are probably the best in the world, but please, don't take my word for it. Buy one and see for yourself, and you too will become a Firebird fan.

James - the FB7651 uses 440C for blade steel, not D2. Both are excellent.
KNIFE Firebird by Ganzo FH41 (Carbon)

This knife is the best of both worlds, coming from the classic roots of a slip joint and adding the modern convenience of having a flipper for assisted opening. The blade is a upgraded D2 Steel and has ball bearing movement. The most exciting thing about Ganzo is seeing what they do next! Highly recommended!

Dear James, thank you very much for your feedback!
Knife Firebird by Ganzo F7601-CF

Nice knife ! Please consider D2

Dear Alex, thank you for your feedback and we`ll consider your suggestion!
Knife Firebird by Ganzo F7041CF

This is one of my all time favorite blade designs. The knife is a absolute marvel for the price. Once it's properly adjusted it will work to perfection. Compare this knife to knives costing many times more, and you'll be amazed at how good these knives function. I highly recommend this 704. You'll be hard pressed to find a better knife at the cost anywhere today.

Dear James, thank you a lot for your feedback!
Knife Ganzo G7531-CF

I recently purchased this model and was excited to see it was a smaller sized knife. I really find it hard to put into words, as I've said for a while now that "I never leave home without taking a Leek." Well, I've retired my Leek and have replaced it with a Ganzo Model F753M1 CF. The knife is the perfect size for EDC and lighter than a Leek. It's like there's nothing there until you need it and then you have everything you've come to expect from a Ganzo Firebird knife. I can't wait to see what's next!

Dear James, thank you for one more good feedback! Enjoy your Ganzo!
Knife Firebird by Ganzo F753M1 (Black, Green, Orange)

I have several Ganzo Firebird knives in my collection and I must say I was very pleasantly surprised to get the 753 in carbon fiber. It's a 3 inch blade that comes razor sharp right out of the box. While this is still a high quality 44c stainless steel, newer models have come out in D2. They are consistently upgrading their products, and now include ball bearing movement. I'm confident that there is not one company that can compare with Ganzo Tool and Die for high quality at a low cost. These knives are comparable to many high priced U.S. brands. Highly recommended!

Dear James, thank you a lot for positive feedback!
Knife Firebird by Ganzo FH13-SS

I love the action, blade, look, and fit/finish of this knife! Unfortunately, as a left-handed person the lack of a reversible pocket clip means I'm not able to carry this. I wish Ganzo sold the fh12 and fh13 scales that are milled for left-side carry. I understand why they took them off the production run, but it would be nice to buy them aftermarket.

Dear Neal, Thank you a lot for your feedback!
Knife Firebird by Ganzo FH31-CF

Super value well made first folder I have used as a hunting knife exceeded my expectations.

Dear Raymond, thank you so much for positive feedback!
KNIFE Firebird by Ganzo FH41 (BLACK, GREEN, GRAY)

This is my first D2 Ganzo, and it is excellent. Fit and finish are perfect. This knife feels like it costs over 100 dollars. I love the blade shape, & it is a great flipper. It is my favorite carry knife.

Dear William, thank you for your positive feedback! Enjoy your Ganzo!
Knife Ganzo G7393 (Orange, Black, Green)

Absolute best quality for the price, I have ever seen. I had the green handled type for well over a year, and just today it got stolen. Im not too bummed about it, since it's cheap enough to just buy another. I work at an auto parts store, and I used that knife every day cutting boxes, packages, prying and generally abusing it. Dropped it tip first onto concrete, and I was able to repair the edge. Held sharpness for a long time, has perfect balance and heft, feels like a $150 knife, etc. Absolutely love it. It's a bummer it isnt sold on Amazon anymore, because I want another green one just like I had. Or, maybe I'll try a new one.

Dear Patrick, thank you a lot for your feedback!
Multi-Tool Ganzo G302B

The Ganzo G302B is an excellent multi tool for a very fair price. The tool is compact, but solid and robust, the blades are sharp. I like the one-hand opening function for the blades and the locking function that holds them in place. The replaceable cutting jaws on the pliers are a nice add-on. The pliers themselves are spring loaded which i really like. The price is absolutely stunning for a multi tool of that quality. What I miss is a metal/wood file which would make this multi tool an absolute hit. Also, if possible, please think about supplying the tool with black-finished bits and adapter. This would be a really nice touch. All-in-one - an excellent tool and a must have for every multi tool aficionado.

Dear Andrey, Thank you very much for your positive feedback!
Knife Ganzo G7452-WS (Black, Green, Orange)

This knife is great and super sharp my only complaint is that after about 2 months of constant carrying the pocket clip fell off but other than that it's pretty cool I guess

Dear Zak, Thank you for your feedback. If you have any problems you always can contact [email protected]
Knife Firebird by Ganzo FH31 (black, green)

I use this knife every day at work and it’s issues. Great steel with great edge knives for the price out there..

Dear Richard, Thank you a lot for your positive feedback. Enjoy your Ganzo!
Knife Ganzo G7482 (Orange, Black, Green)

Well worth the money! The knife arrived sharp enough to shave cleanly with, I did not feel any need to touch it up (I did want to touch up the #7582 a little bit, which I own as well). Knife opens with authority, locks up solidly either open or closed, no play in any direction. Blade is well centered, no rubbing on liners opening or closing. The firing button works easily, but not TOO easily for safety. Knife has an additional safety lock lever, this is a little stiff but I have only had this for one day, it is not a problem and will probably ease up with use and some lubrication. A slight enlargement to the "sharpening choil" at heel of blade edge would be good, the factory grind for secondary bevel (sharpened edge) of blade runs on into the ricasso just a bit. I will enlarge the round factory "sharpening choil" myself to make sharpening easier and then smooth out the small over grind from factory, this is a minor cosmetic touch up done only because it's easy and I know how, not because it was ugly or any kind of a problem for use as it came. I hope to see Ganzo offer this kind of locking design (and build quality) with D2 or some of the new Particle Metalurgy high wear resistance/high hardness steels. I have two of Ganzo's models with D2 blades (FG 11 and FG 21) and would be pleased to pay a bit extra for automatics with such steel.

Dear Bert, Thank you very much for your positive feedback and we will consider your offer!