Knife Firebird F7611-CF

I buy one, it is ok, but it does not have bearing bushing for the blade, only ordinary cooper and nylon bushing.

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Knife Ganzo G707

Well this is my first Ganzo knife but my g707's button lock jammed really bad so i took it apart and cleaned it and everything i put it back together perfectly and then the button still jams every now and then

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Multi-Tool Ganzo G302-Н

Bought one. Very nice product and super good value. Wish all the sharp things were sharper, but they are not bad from factory. Keep going GANZO !

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Knife Firebird F7601-CF

Best knife I own so far!

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Knife Ganzo G710

This is my, "Daddy's got work to do knife" well... Folding knife. The weight of the blade works well with the G-lock, it ensures that gravity will open and close the knife for you. (Once the G-Lock has been manually actuated) This is a valuable trait when you have got only 1 hand to spare. The thick liners strengthens the locking mechanism to give you confidence that your knife will survive. However, that lovely g10 in combination with a superman strength pocket clip means you need 2 if not 3 hands to get it in and out the pocket. Don't despair this this can be fixed in 15 seconds with your bare hands by hyper extending the clip away from the handle by about 1cm for 2 seconds.

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Knife Ganzo G704, Black

I own multiple models. The G704 is one of my all time favourites. The build quality, sharpness out-of-box, fit and finish are all excellent. I do have one request though. I have lost the pivot screw and am unable to locate any online resource from where I can purchase one. Please let me know how I can go about obtaining the pivot screw.

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Knife Ganzo F7533 (Black, Green, Orange)

I baught this knife at a Mall for $40, and I am impressed. I have a little collection of foldys ranging from $10 to $150 that will now experience a long period of neglect due to this knife. The main feature that drew my to the GANZO cabinet was the abundance of AXIS locks. Although the retention of the axis lock is a little bit of a finger chewer, all knives have trade offs that you have to deal with and this knife has few for the price. (That is an amazing thing just buy all of them)

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Multi-Tool Ganzo G302B

Nagyon szeretem! Meg vagyok elégedve vele. Nem bántam meg hogy vettem egyet!

Knife Ganzo G7361 (Black, Green, Camouflage)

Best Buy for the money in a knife that i’ve found yet. Love it just love it. Oil it up when you first get it and the action is smooth as butter. Buy one.

Dear Airioch, thank you for your positive feedback! Enjoy your Ganzo!
Knife Ganzo G7211-WD2

I received this knife as part of a monthly subscription box and I could not be happier. I have owned a few auto knives in my life and currently use a bench made as and EDC. This knife is very well constructed with a sharp quality blade. Honestly I’m quite surprised how well this knife is made at its current price point. The knife is for right handed individuals as far as carrying in your pocket. It fits so well in the pocket it’s like it’s not even there. Highly recommend this knife for and EDC. Hope it continues to hold up.

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Knife Firebird F7603-CF

This knife didn't turn out to be what I was beyond my expectations! An incredible knife for this price point is unbelievable. As the other guy stated, takes a day to break in, but that was expected. I've eyed Ganzo/Firebird knives for quite some time and I'm glad I finally pulled the trigger. I will be ordering another one later this week, and I would recommend to anyone else that they do the same.

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Knife Firebird FH11 (Black, Green)

I recieved one of these and love it, my only wish is that the 2.0 version didnt have the open left holes, I am a left handed carrier and can respect the indentation to submerge pocket clip into the handle to make it thinner but i dont mind carrying right handed and I really like the closed look of the original knife with the firebird logo on the G10 Handle.

Dear Gibbs,

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Multi-Tool Ganzo G302B

Very good tool for the price. I wait for the next model of multitool. Only serrated blade is not sharp. Thanks.

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Knife Firebird FH11 (Black, Green)

Great knife. Just one remark. New version with hole lefties is not great solution. Now knife looks unfinshed... some kid of plate to cover hole with be solution... sadly i have this new version...

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Knife Firebird FH11 (Black, Green)

I own many ganzo knives and my favorites are the g7531 cf and the fh11. I would change nothing about the fh11,but I would like to see the 7531 come out in D2 and bronze washers on both sides. I used to only buy USA made knives,but you guys have made a China knife lover out of Keep up the good work!

Dear Mark, Thank you so much for your good comments about our service and Ganzo product. We`ll try to realize your wishes!
Multi-Tool Ganzo G302-Н

Hello, please replace one of the Blades in the wonderfull Tool with a file - this will be perfect...

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Knife Firebird FH11 (Black, Green)

i have tested 2 of these. PMI and Rockwell results show the D2 is not only real D2, both blades read 62 HRC. There has been no chipping during sharpening or use. Having tested 11 D2 knives so far, these are the hardest tested. If Ganzo keeps the quality of heat treat and uses D2 on their best designs, I don't think they will be able to keep up with the demand.

This is realy great knife. Thanks Kurt for testing Steel composition and hardness . Your buddy LuvThem Knives talk about your resultates on Youtube.
Knife Firebird FH11 (Black, Green)

Great knife, smooth action, comfortable and nice blade shape too. Also it’s very nice to have D2 steel, specially in this proce range! Will be so cool, if you will make COLORful versions of this knife!!!

Dear Pavel, thank you for your positive feedback and for your offer, we will consider it!!