Multi-Tool Ganzo G105

High quality and universal Multi-Tool with elegant design. The chromized surface and impressive set of tools attract attention. The product is made by Ganzo company specialists in accordance with latest trends.



Description of Multi-Tool Ganzo G105:

Practical and easy to use, multi-functional Multi-Tool G105 will help the owner in any repair work (in everyday life, in the country and not only!). Multi-Tool is characterized by an impressive selection of tools ranging from a simple knife to open cans and ending with two configurations of screw-drivers. Multi-Tool G105 also has two blades (serrated blade and straight), scale, cutting pliers, and adapter for removable bits, bottle opener and file.

In addition to a large number of built-in, Multi-Tool has additional products: hexagonal keys (three of the most commonly used size), three flat screw-drivers and three crosshead screw-drivers. Each of the tools is made of alloy steel 440C with high carbon composition, therefore, knives retain the factory sharpening for a long time, and each of them has high wear and corrosion resistance.

G105 Multi-Tool will not slip out of hands no matter what. Also, a firm grip is secured by a special ergonomic shape designed for easier use and better contact with the palm. Total weight of the model is 210 grams. Multi-Tool Ganzo G105 is an excellent and useful assistant and it retains it attractive form and characteristics during a long period of time.


  • Multi-functionality (Multi-Tool G105 has 22 tools);
  • Full-size;
  • Elegant design, stylized chrome;
  • Additional set of nozzles.

Warranty period is 1 year from the date sale of the item.

Multi-Tool Type Full-Size
Functions 22
Blade Material 440C
Multi-Tool Color Gray
Warranty 1 year
Holster / Sheath Included Yes

Multi-Tool Ganzo G105 reviews

Barrie watson 01/20/2017 20:07

Sorry but the handle is not G10 in your description you say!! G105 handles are made of special high-strength composite material G10,

02/03/2017 18:07

Thanks for the comment,we've already deleted mistake!

Peter 03/05/2016 14:26

This is a great multi tool. As good as multi tools costing 4 times as much.

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