Knife Ganzo G735 (Black, Orange, Green, Black-Orange)

I have had the black and yellow version of the G735 for several months. The extra tools on the back are made very well and the belt/cord cutter is sharper than I expected. I found it online for just under $16USD and I believe it is more than worth every penny of it. I am in my late 40's now and I have had knives ever since my dad gave me my first folder when I was 9. I now have several dozen Ganzo knives in addition to all my other knives. I can easily say that Ganzo has the best value in full size folders in the entire world. There is indeed some great stuff that comes from China.

Hello Jake! Thank you so much for your comments. You are fan of knives and fan of Ganzo - thanks a lot! We are sure that our models will always please you.
Knife Ganzo G7142

Great knife, pleasantly surprised as I was expecting less for the price. We shall see after I use it for awhile.

Hello Paul! Affordable model G7142 - perfect companion for a long time. Knife will serve you faithfully. Thanks for comments!
Knife Ganzo G738 (Black, Green, Orange)

My orange G738 arrived a day early, well packed, in excellent condition. It is exactly as described, and I am very happy with the service and the knife.

Hello Nick! Thank you so much for such a good comments about our service and Ganzo product. We'll be glad to cooperate with you in future!
Knife Ganzo G727M-WD1, Wood

Excellent knife for the price! I use it daily for almost a month now and still sharp as the first day. Wood handle really cool.

Hello Joe! G727 so great in wood! This new vision of well-known Ganzo model won the hearts of many people. Thank you for feedback.
Knife Ganzo G719 (Black, Green)

I received mine today. This automatic knife is an excellent value for the money! Even noted knife designer, Bill DeShivs bought one of these for a friend. These are tough, functional knives that are made for use, not for display. I've been carrying automatic knives for more than forty years and I know what works. This knife is a solid value for the money. If you buy this implement, you won't be disappointed! Buy it while you can!

Hello! Thank you so much for such a positive comments about G719. This model good choice for people who appreciate nice quality and high level of functionality.
Knife Ganzo G710

I bought this knife because I like the look of it. This is a really great EDC blade. It came razor sharp (I know because it cut me...Twice LOL) User error...You can't go wrong with this or any of the knives Ganzo offers

Hello Mark! You are right G710 - the best EDC knife. It is easy to use, compact and really sharp (take care! haha). Thanks for your feedback!
Knife Ganzo G722 (Black, Green, Orange)

This is a big pocket knife. It is a heavy pocket knife, and I really like it. The blade is thick, heavy and sharp. When you flip out the blade with the thumb studs it slaps out with a satisfying "clack", and stays strongly locked in place. The textured G10 on one side of the handle feels good and offers good grip. the frame lock side is stonewashed stainless steel. There is no blade play at all and the blade is nicely centered. This model is basically a frame lock version of the Ganzo G720, another excellent Ganzo knife. The 440C steel holds it's edge pretty well

Hello Douglas! Someone says - this model is too heavy and massive, but many people love it exactly because of that. It's unexplainable, you can just feel it in your hand. Thank you so much for your mini-review! Regards.
Knife Ganzo G7211 (Black, Green)

I have an extensive mostly high end knife collection and was a little apprehensive to purchase this knife simply because of the price. After receiving this knife I will say the I was thoroughly impressed. From it's smooth action, edge retention, G10 quality even it's hardware I would put this knife up against knives in my collection that cost hundreds more. I am excited to have discovered the Ganzo brand and am very much looking forward to the next addition to my collection. Also worth mentioning, I work in maintenance for a decent size city in MI. My coworkers being aware of my interest in bladed tools frequently ask my opinion for their knife purchases, mostly EDC purchases (I also get 2-3 knives a week to take home and sharpen and/or repair) I am excited to be able to recommend Ganzo to the boys and hope whatever knife they choose holds an edge like my first Ganzo because I sure could use a break from sharpening and repair. They have learned not to attempt to give me their $10-$20 department store knives because I won't sharpen or repair these tools. Instead I insist they invest a little more money into a tool most use daily. Ganzo has given these rather "frugal" spenders an excellent option. Excellent quality, extreme value, where else do you find this combination now a days?

Thanks so much for your detailed feedback! You are right, Ganzo G7211 like all the Ganzo tools has perfect quality and available price. Hope other Ganzo-products will also inspiring to you to write such a great comments!
Knife Ganzo G740 (Black, Orange, Green)

Great blade shape and metal, holds an edge... Medium traction green G10 grips...These are heavy-duty, low-cost utility styled knives that everyone can afford to have thanks to Ganzo...Your crazy if you don't buy one...

Hello Howard! Optimal length of the blade, comfortable handle, good quality of the lock - all these things are making G740 one of the best knives in Ganzo family! Thanks for your feedback!
Knife Ganzo G727M (Black, Green, Orange, Сamouflage)

One of my favorite knives by Ganzo. At a glance, it resembles the Ontario RAT. But an improvement (to me, at least) is the implementation of the axis lock for this folder. Deployment and closing is very smooth after the initial 20 - 30 flips. Blade has a nice thickness and FFG, very nice for slicing. Very good for general use and medium to heavy duty.

We are sure that this knife will serve you faithfully, because Ganzo - it is always quality and convenience. Thank you for your positive review!
Knife Ganzo G720 (Black, Green, Orange)

This is my first impression review. The knife just arrived. This is a big knife folks and it will not get lost in your pocket. The blade is massive, and sharp. This thing is a slicer in the first degree. The G10 scales are good and grippy. The axis lock is pretty stiff though, fairly typical of my other Ganzo knives. You have to work with it for awhile before it loosens up. The problem with this particular knife is the blade sticks when opening. That is a first for me. It "feels" like the blade is scraping against one of the metal liners. Not sure if I need to loosen the pivot screw or not. I'm going to work with it for awhile and use some oil on it before doing that. I don't want any blade play. Assuming all that gets works out this will be a pretty good knife, This being a Ganzo quality is expected. For what you pay they are hard to beat.

Thank you for detailed rewiew! This knife became a very popular model because of it's quality. Hope you will be glad useing this Ganzo knife!
Knife Ganzo G714

Nice love this blade. Will buy more ganzo knifes they seem to be very well made.

Hello Zachary! Ganzo it's a great quality combined with affordable cost. Each of Ganzo knifes will be your assistants for a long time! Thanks for your feedback!
Knife Ganzo G622-FB-1, Black

This is another great Ganzo knife. I like the size and the sharpness out of the box was ridiculous. Feels good in the hand and opens easily. I recommend this knife.

Hello Robert! G622 model is a good choise for people who want to have handy and reliable knife! Thank you for your positive feedback!
Multi-Tool Ganzo G302-Н

Very good option for the price

Thank you for your comment! Multitool Ganzo G302 - it's an ideal correlation of quality and price!
Multi-Tool Ganzo G202B

good quality Will buy again

Thank you for your positive feedback! Ganzo G202B - multi-tool with high-level quality, it's a really good choice!
Multi-Tool Ganzo G301

It was okay, but there were too many tools that didn't apply to my needs. This Multi-tool is perfect for practical small fixes. I really like the multiple screw driver bits, comes in handy when you don't want bring out the tool box for a small job. The best thing of all, is the price. Way cheaper than a leatherman with the same options. And does feel very solid in hand, feels like it was built some quality. Overall I like it and I would recommend it.

Hello Timothy! Thank you for detailed review! Multi-Tool Ganzo G301 really universal! It can help you in different situations and different places where you can be, you just need to put it in your pocket - that's all!
Multi-Tool Ganzo G101H

This is an amazing value at just under $8. It is full size, just over 4 inches, and comes with a good assortment of screwdriver bits. Like most Ganzo products, the quality is on par with most of the top brand manufacturers we rely on for quality and craftsmanship when considering knife and tool products. I own several Ganzo items and highly recommend them!

Hello Matthew! This multi tool is very convenient and popular model. We guarantee, it will not stop pleasing you in the future! Thank you for your feedback!
Multi-Tool Ganzo G301B

This is larger than the regular size swiss army knives but smaller than the XL swiss army knives. For the price it's ok.

Hello Ryan! Multi-Tool Ganzo G301B sizes are 10.5x5 cm, so it can be easily moved in the pocket or backpack stowed. For even more convenience, you can wear it in a special case on his belt.Thanks for your feedback!
Knife Ganzo G616

First off let me explain a little about this knife. It's an 8 dollar knife. So judge it from that stand point. It's not a bad blade comes decently sharp. The flipper works perfectly. It says it has g10 scales. Not sure if I believe that. It feels pretty cheap. For what ever reason I really like this knife. From the factory the stop pin was faulty. I replaced it with a broken drill bit. It functions perfectly now. Be prepared to make some adjustments. If you like to tinker you might ebjoy this knife. If not I'd search elsewhere. I really like the knife.

Hello Alfred! Thank you for your detailed review! Ganzo G616 - budget model, but the basic requirements of the knife this model performs worthily.
Multi-Tool Ganzo G301H

This review is based on my impression upon receiving the item, I will update if a problem arises. The kit (multitool, bits, and case) is a little on the heavy side, probably not something I will carry in my pocket. The flip side of that is that it is actually large enough to be useful. The case is stiff to retain its shape and has a belt loop on its back side, it also has an inside pocket for the bits. The bits that came with my tool are gold colored, might be easier to see if dropped. The blades are sharp and lock in place. The grooved handle pieces covering the folding parts are plastic, but the remainder of the tool is decently finished steel. The pliers jaws meet well. There is a slight bit of play in the blades, but with the lock engaged they should work just fine. I think these will help save me from running to my tool boxes for quite a few small jobs. For the price I think this set deserves 5 stars.

Hello Neil! Thank you for detailed review, nice to see when our customers give 5 stars to our products! It's really nice multi-tool, good choise!