Knife Ganzo G735 (Black, Orange, Green, Black-Orange)

I have a LOT of knives... Other Ganzos, Kershaw, SOG, Benchmade, Gerber etc. But this is one of my favorite EDC knives. Size, function, blade, pocket clip, quality, and all for about $15! Going to purchase a spare too. I can't afford to do that with a Benchmade!

Hello Howard! It's really nice to read such a good comments which are written by people who have collection of well-known-brand knives and they're finding that our Ganzo products are so cool, available and great! Thank you for your feedback!
Knife Ganzo G704, Yellow

This Ganzo was perfect out the box, easy to flip blade open and smooth unlocking with one hand operation. Smoother than my other Ganzo's. The guy at the factory who fitted and finished this one needs a raise. Handles were matched perfectly to the frame and no mismatch to the alignment could be found. Wish they were all this nice.

Hello Gerld! G704 has its popularity because of fantastic high quality of build! Perfect knife for many tasks and problems. Thanks a lot for your feedback!
Knife Ganzo G704, Black

Can't believe this knife cost so little. Quality MUCH higher than it's price. Razor sharp out of the box. My new everyday work knife

I own 4 ganzo knives, quality is great ,price is awesome for that quality. If ganzo continue making such great products at that great price i will buy a lot lot ganzos in the future... Love my ganzo g704. Congratulations Ganzo on great job and stay on that path.
Knife Ganzo G724M (Black, Green, Orange)

A good Chinese knockoff of a Benchmade knife. I got this knife because of the price and that it has a blade lock similar to those made by Benchmade Knives. I got it for a "What if" spare knife. I am very pleased with the knife that I got and I have no problem recommending this knife for a good budget lock blade knife.

Multi-Tool Ganzo G202

Excellent product. I bought a second one. Doesn 't have locking blades, every thing else is top rated even the caes is really nice.

Knife Ganzo G710

I will add that the people that trash Ganzo knives cause they are Chinese and "not made in the USA" are the same people buying IPhones, Japanese televisions, imported cars, and foreign made microwaves. These Ganzo knives are excellent and a fraction of the price of Benchmades. The quality of the knife is excellent and was razor sharp out of the box. Highly recommended.

Knife Ganzo G717 (Black, Yellow, Orange)

Ganzo knifes as always are great, this one is no exception. Great quality. Handle is made well, blade is finished well, steel is machined nicely and lockup is solid.

Knife Ganzo G726M (Black, Green, Orange)

Great knife and a great price. It doesn't matter what color the handle is, this knife seems to have the perfect fit. Mine also came razor sharp and the 440C has stayed sharp far longer than any 8cr13Mov or AUS-8 knives that I own. If this knife had an American logo on it, you would pay closer to $60.00 for it and see the nutcases brag about it on the blade forums as something created by Jesus (like all SpydercoBenchmades, right?).