Knife Ganzo G727M-WD1, Wood

great knife, better than the rat in my very informed, knife collecting opinion. the axis locked needs to be broken in, or better yet polised , but its excellent

Knife Ganzo G617

Good budget edc knife comes with a decent edge, solid lock up, liner style lock has stiffer springs than a benchmade but it does the job there's no fancy materials used but for the price u can't go wrong I would recommend a ganzo for anyone on a budget

Knife Ganzo G724M (Black, Green, Orange)

Had mine for a while now. Great knife. Fits well in hand. Came hair shaving sharp. This is 54 years of experience talking. Get this beauty while it's still inexpensive.

Knife Ganzo G723M (Black, Green, Orange)

This is now one of my new favorite Ganzo knives. I wasn't sure how I would like the frame lock with the G10 missing on one side but I really like it. It is super smooth to open and the frame lock is even easier than most liner locks. The stonewashed side and the patterned G10 is attractive and very comfortable in hand, more so than I anticipated.

Knife Ganzo G728 (Black, Green, Orange)

I couldn't believe the price point for such a wonderful knife. Well worth it! It has the right amount of heft and weight and great cutting ability. Great g10 handle and the blade holds the edge well. The only thing I would change is make the pocket clip a tip down clip.

Knife Ganzo G728 (Black, Green, Orange)

Excellent build quality. Blade is centered, lockup is solid, open construction for easy cleaning, and light weight for carry. But be aware, this is an assisted knife. The description doesn't indicate that

Knife Ganzo G701, Black

I'm loving this for my work knife. I usually carry a custom griptilian and have several benchmade axis locks. If you fear loosing high end knives and are a fan of axis lock. This is a great sturdy knife.

Knife Ganzo G7041, Black

Let me start off by saying that i own a mini and full size Benchmade Griptilian. Now onto this knife, I gotta say i really like it! This knife arrived to me extremely sharp. The springs on the axis lock have just the right amount of tension and the lock up is very solid. The knife has a good heft to it and the handle scales have a light to medium grip, i would say about the same traction as on my Rat 1. I was reluctant to buy one of these knives because reviews have been 50/50, but to be honest the only thing i did to my knife that i received was loosen the pivot screw just a tad bit. Now the blade deploys really fast and effortless. The closing is very smooth as well. As i sit here opening and closing this knife and then doing the same with my Griptilians, I have to say that for 16 bucks this knife performs just as good! Don't get me wrong i'll still take my Benchmade! lol...but definetly a good buy for everyday use or as a back up knife.

Knife Ganzo G704, Army Green

This Ganzo was perfect out the box, easy to flip blade open and smooth unlocking with one hand operation. Smoother than my other Ganzo's. The guy at the factory who fitted and finished this one needs a raise. Handles were matched perfectly to the frame and no mismatch to the alignment could be found. Wish they were all this nice.

Knife Ganzo G612

Great knife, especially for the price. I like it so much I also ordered the Ganzo G720-G. Hope it is as nice as this one.

Knife Ganzo G704-CA, Сamouflage

Very good product. Just added to my collection, but hadn't really put it to a test. It has a great feel, quality and workmanship. I love this knife and will be ordering others.

Knife Ganzo G620, Black Blade

I did not know what to expect. I thought this might be just a cheap knock-off knife made in China. This is a quality knife. The ergonomics of the handle are perfect for my hands. The opening of the blade is smooth and quick. I love the locking mechanism. Came well sharpened out of the box. The blade design is nice. There is a nice smooth curve on the back of the blade near the handle that is perfect for my thumb to do some precise carving and cutting. This makes a great camping, wood working, and utility knife. The curve of the blade would also lend itself for skinning game like deer.

Knife Ganzo G711

I have several Ganzo knives. I think they are a great value. This one needed just a minor sharpening to make it nearly perfect. I also adjusted the pivot to my liking.