Knife Ganzo G7393 (Orange, Black, Green) reviews

Luca 04/19/2020 21:25

Very good knife, I have it for 4 years now, I had to sharpen it many times because I used it often. Its good looking and very convenient to keep it in a pocket, the clip placement is nice cause you can chose where to place it ^^ It's not the cas of many knives.

I'm very satisfied but recently I opened it to clean and I lost the two springs from the G-lock system . I tried to contact Ganzo by email and facebook to buy new springs but still no answer after monthes. If someone in gonzo company sees that, can you contact me please?

05/21/2020 12:55

Thanks for your feedback! Please contact [email protected] again, they`ll help you!

Patrick Earthridge 06/30/2019 04:07

Absolute best quality for the price, I have ever seen. I had the green handled type for well over a year, and just today it got stolen. Im not too bummed about it, since it's cheap enough to just buy another. I work at an auto parts store, and I used that knife every day cutting boxes, packages, prying and generally abusing it. Dropped it tip first onto concrete, and I was able to repair the edge. Held sharpness for a long time, has perfect balance and heft, feels like a $150 knife, etc. Absolutely love it. It's a bummer it isnt sold on Amazon anymore, because I want another green one just like I had. Or, maybe I'll try a new one.

07/05/2019 07:43

Dear Patrick, thank you a lot for your feedback!

Kenneth 12/19/2016 13:58

All my Ganzo purchases have been good, excellent budget folding knives. great gift for someone starting out or if you just want a honest everyday user knife. i will keep on buying new models that take my fancy as they issue new ones.

12/20/2016 18:09

Hello Kenneth! G7393 is a great model at affordable price. Hope you'll like how it works. Thanks for choosing Ganzo!

Anthony 12/14/2016 13:28

Nice size , one of my favorite after the 720, really smooth opening and really sharp;

make his job real good.

12/19/2016 17:24

Dear Anthony! Thanks for your feedback and sharing your experience! Continue to enjoy Ganzo!

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