Knife Ganzo G738-W1

Neat and high-quality knife will be required by everyone who prefers active leisure time. After all, it is needed during fishing, extreme sports and for a picnic. Ganzo G738-W1 is quite suitable for all these purposes.



Description of Knife Ganzo G738-W1:

To sustain operation in such harsh conditions that assume outdoor activities, the knife has to be assembled from the highest quality components. Thus, Ganzo G738-W1 blade is made of stainless steel which is widely applied in this industry. 440C steel grade includes a number of alloying elements that improve its properties, increase resistance to rusting and ability to be sharpened. The bladegeometry is properlythought out. This is a drop point with a low butt line. The tip of the blade slightly is raised whereby the cutting edge is actually lengthened. Blade sharpening is flat and is easy updated using the most ordinary pocket sharpener. Regarding the blade dimensions – the length is of 8.9 cm making it easy to use a knife for cleaning fish, preparing sandwiches, and thickness is of 3.3 mm.


  • Blade is made of good quality steel – 440C;
  • Blade length is 8.9 cm;
  • Butt width is 0.33 cm;
  • Metal hardness is about 58HRC;
  • Size of unfolded knife is 21 cm;
  • Handle is made of a wood;
  • Knife weight is 120 grams.

Knife Type Folding
Lock Type G-Lock
Blade Edge Plain
Blade Material 440С
Blade Color Gray
Handle Material wood
Total Length, mm 210
Blade Length, mm 89
Blade Thickness, mm 3,3
Knife Weight, g 120
Warranty 1 year

Knife Ganzo G738-W1 reviews

Eric 06/14/2016 17:25

This knife... This knife is my EDC now. I cannot explain accurately how perfect this knife is. The build quality is on par with Benchmade. Perfectly centered blade. Grinds are literally perfect. It's just perfect. I cannot find one thing wrong with it. Such an incredible deal.

06/16/2016 14:00

Hello Eric! Thank you so much for your comments. G729-W is fantastic EDC knife with stylish woody-look and it works great! You won't find any wrong thing with it - this knife is absolutely perfect.

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