Knife Firebird by Ganzo FH21 (black, green, blue) reviews

Brian 04/10/2023 15:14

It's perfect for camping, hiking, and hunting trips, and the blade retains its edge well. As an outdoor enthusiast, the Ganzo FH21 is a reliable and sturdy tool that has never let me down.

Steven 04/07/2023 19:14

I love the sleek design of the Ganzo FH21. The matte green finish is stylish and the blade is razor sharp. It's a great addition to my collection

Justin 04/05/2023 15:15

I use it all the time at work. The Ganzo FH21 is a must-have for anyone who needs a dependable everyday carry knife.

Aaron 04/03/2023 19:15

The Ganzo FH21 is a great knife for both beginners and experienced knife enthusiasts. It's a reliable tool that won't break the bank. Is the Ganzo FH21 knife easy to sharpen?

04/18/2023 15:16

Yes, the Ganzo FH21 knife is easy to sharpen due to its 440C stainless steel blade. This type of steel is known for its hardness and ability to hold an edge, which means it won't need to be sharpened as often as other types of steel. Additionally, the blade's flat grind makes it easy to sharpen using a variety of sharpening tools.

Eric 04/03/2023 17:12

The Ganzo FH21 is an exceptional knife for its price point. The handle is comfortable to grip and the blade is sharp enough to easily slice through paper. Highly recommended for those on a budget.

rebus777 09/09/2020 17:12

This knife has a great handle shape that really fits the hand well. Feels solid and has a great blade shape. Could not ask for any thing more. Comes sharp with a D2 blade that has been tested to be real. Perfect EDC.

09/14/2020 13:43

Dear Customer, thanks a lot for the comment!

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