The Firebird line has been around since 2015. But over the course of several years, this brand has literally won over connoisseurs of solid EDC products. The secret to the success of the company is simple and obvious. A combination of affordable cost, quality and thoughtful design. When creating products, the craftsmen use many years of experience, focusing on the achievements of competitors, but at the same time significantly reducing the cost of finished goods. The knives are reliable, strong, wear-resistant, and their excellent characteristics guarantee long-term use. When creating products, manufacturers use only the best materials, which contributes to such efficient and trouble-free operation of knives, multitools. In addition, in the manufacture of products undergo processing - satin, tumbling, sandblasting, powder coating. This brand deserves attention!

Model features

Ganzo's new knife is the FH71 folding EDC model. The knife was released in 4 color options, as well as in the carbon version. A convenient knife for the needs of hunters, travelers, tourists and other categories of active people. Also suitable for home use. Practical, lightweight, oversized. Fits in a pocket of clothes, can be fixed on a bag or backpack. A feature of the model is the presence of a series of recesses on the surface of the handle. This gives the product a certain aesthetic. The handle is curved, has an ergonomic shape. Rough to the touch. Easy to hold in the palm of your hand. The knife does not slip, does not move during use.


The blade of the model is made of a metal alloy D2. This is a high-strength steel with a hardness of about 60 Rockwell units. It is a good indicator for reliable and efficient knife operation. Moreover, D2 steel is highly resistant to environmental influences, able to hold sharpening for a long time, the product does not have to be constantly edited. It is not prone to rust, and a model of such a material will serve the owner for a long time.

As for the material of the handle, here the craftsmen used the already familiar G10 fiberglass. This is an extremely durable, high-quality material, which is well painted, perfectly resists the effects of high temperature, and in general is very, very convenient for practical use. With the G10, knives gain valuable features such as durability and resistance to mechanical damage. Superbly designed, protected knife, ready for the most severe practical tests.

In the carbon version, manufacturers used Carbon fiber for the handle. Durable and resistant component, protected from the effects of temperatures and chemicals.

We also note that invariably all Ganzo models have remarkable ergonomics. It is convenient to hold them in your hand at any grip. They do not slip, do not rub, do not move during use. During operation, they retain their original appearance, are not susceptible to scratches and mechanical damage.


Ganzo craftsmen are aware of how important it is for a knife to work easily and reliably. And for this, they make their products impeccable, so that you can use models without any problems. They are safe, practical, easy to use. And the reasonableness of the design of the products contributes to this. Namely, it is a reliable fixation, the presence of a protective mechanism, simple and quick flipping.

The shape of the blade is drop-point. This is a very common type of knife blade. Products with a drop-point blade are versatile, they can easily cope with a variety of types of work. In particular, they are very effective for hunting activities. Such knives are suitable for other activities. They cut and prick wonderfully. Especially often, such models are used by tourists and travelers. In general, Firebird knives are good for travel use. They are small, lightweight, conveniently folded and can fit in your pocket. You can take them with you and use at least every day. High operational characteristics allow the use of specimens in difficult and extreme conditions.

Dimensions and weight

The weight of the product is 98 gr, the total length reaches 19.9 cm. The length of the blade is 8.7 cm. The thickness of the blade is three and a half millimeters. The model is perfect for urban EDC wear.

Light and compact, convenient and attractive knife FH71 will serve excellent service to active and active people. It is suitable for tourists, hunters, fishers, travelers. It can be taken with you on the road and used at home to solve various domestic problems.


FH71 is a high-quality product with reliable and well-thought-out mechanics, resistant to damage and wear. Practical in any situation, lightweight, miniature, but effective. A feature of the FH71 model is the presence of characteristic grooves on the handle surface. They give the novelty a specific design. The convenient, ergonomic knife is created for long work in the most different conditions. Suitable for everyday use, reliable and versatile. The shape of the blade is a drop-point. This is a great option for the needs of hunters, but can also be easily used in various other activities.


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