The FH41 model was previously presented in four versions: black, green, gray, as well as in the carbon version. The G8012 knife was available in four shades: brown, orange, green, black. What has changed? Knife FH41 now has another version of the color CG (cement gray), which, I must say, looks very nice. Although the name is not harmonious. But the G8012 model found its continuation by introducing a new gray color. Which also harmonizes very well with the design of the knife.

The main advantages

It will be about what exactly consumers so value the products of a Chinese company. FH41 is, above all, a universal form of the blade. A drop-point blade with which the knife both cuts and stabs is excellent. It is often found in knives, which are most in demand among tourists. The descents from the butt are barely noticeable, rounded, neat, harmonious look. The design, of course, was borrowed, but we must pay tribute to the manufacturers that they make their replicas quite qualitatively. Convenient Liner lock, liners "recessed" in the lining. The knife is gracefully and competently made. With any grip, it is comfortable to use, flips easily and lightning fast, with one hand the blade can be opened and hidden. There is a hole for the lanyard, the clip is not rearranged. The medium-strength clip allows you to securely fix the knife and carry it at hand. Processing overlays - 3d, notch on the butt. In general, the ergonomics of the product are on top, here the handle is really comfortable in gripping. The fin is directed clearly down, which is an improvement, and even a large palm of the user will not interfere with wielding a knife and enjoy the work.

The hardness of steel is 60 Rockwell units. The total length is 20.2 centimeters, the length of the blade is 8.8 centimeters, when folded, the knife reaches 11.5 centimeters. The thickness of the blade is three and a half millimeters. Weighs 101 grams.

The G8012 is sold with a sheath that is equipped with additional useful features. Since the knife is designed primarily for use in outdoor activities, then its design is appropriate. The powerful blade of the model is suitable for many quite serious types of work. The shank of the blade passes through the entire handle, and is fixed with a protruding nut acting as a hammer or cullet. The blade is dark, does not glare, and the coating plays the role of additional protection against rust. On the surface of the handle there are recesses, they adorn the handle and prevent the model from slipping out of the hands during use. Such handles are resistant to mechanical stress, and serve a long period. At the bottom of the scabbard there is a sling cutter, and in a special nest there is a flint. The product sits in the sheath very securely, and Velcro fasteners are needed for additional fixation. In order to extract the model, you need to make some effort. You can sharpen the blade of a knife with the help of a metal plate in the kit, on which the spraying is applied - fine-grained diamond powder.

The product has excellent cutting ability, easily copes with a variety of types of materials. What are the users of the knife themselves reporting. A functional model also has a low cost, given its quality and equipment.

The total length of the model is 24.5 centimeters, the blade length reaches 11.5 centimeters, the blade thickness is five millimeters. The product weighs 356 grams.


The FH41 model was based on materials such as D2 stainless steel, as well as G10 fiberglass (in the carbon version, the handle pads are made of Carbon fiber). D2 steel is characterized by high strength and the ability to maintain a sharp cutting edge for a long time. It is quite well protected against corrosion. Fiberglass G10 is a durable, impact-resistant component, tolerates moisture well, and also lends itself to coloring. It is a material rough to the touch, which favorably affects the ergonomics of the product.

The components presented in the composition give the knife such properties as durability, ease of use, efficiency, reliability, pleasant appearance.

The model G8012 used steel grade 7Cr17MoV. It includes more carbon than other stainless alloys, and can be quenched to 57 Rockwell units. Strong material, the product will retain the original factory sharpening of the blade for a long time. The presence of chromium in the alloy increases the resistance to the corrosion process. You can work with this knife even in water. The surface of the blade itself is dark, it does not glare. The handle is made of thermoplastic polymer ABS, a kind of high-impact plastic. ABS is also resistant to any kind of rust.

Such handles are not subjected to mechanical stress, and are really durable.

What are knives used for?

That the model is FH41, that the G8012 is equally interesting in terms of use in tourism. But each of them is distinguished by its specialization. If the FH41 knife is more suitable for use in an urban environment, then the second copy is mainly suitable for outdoor recreation. This is an option that is designed specifically for specific situations: sorties, expeditions, fishing, hiking over long distances and survival in difficult natural conditions. All active individuals, extreme people, travelers and survivalists will definitely appreciate this practical and effective knife.

Well, the FH41 will simply help you in everyday life, because it is clear that a small folding knife with you will not hurt. And even more so if it is an affordable and popular version of a well-known brand. There are products that are primarily valuable, as collection and decorative models. Real knifemen do not need to explain what the charm of such knives is. And there are simple and very decent knives from Ganzo for their money, which are appropriate for work and leisure.


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