Multi-Tool Ganzo G201B

One of the most popular and inexpensive multi-tool models from Ganzo Company is G201-B model. It is a multifunctional tool which will be a great assistant during hiking, long trip or even household. High-strength alloy will provide the reliability and durability of the product.



Description of Multi-Tool Ganzo G201B:

Although Ganzo G201-H is a miniature device it is equipped with all necessary tools that are made of stainless steel (440C). This steel has a very high strength.

Due to the metal handle, multi-tool becomes even stronger. The handle has a cut for maximum convenience during operation; it prevent slipping.

Tool size is 10.5x5 cm. Thickness is 1.5 cm. Herewith the complete set of the multi-tool is 25 tools which makes it multifunctional while really ergonomic.

Ganzo G201-B is an indispensible for those who want to keep everything they need at hand and not to carry many separate tools.

What do you get by purchasing Ganzo G201-B:

  • Ordinary pliers;
  • Spring-loaded pliers for better convenience;
  • Two ordinary screw-drivers;
  • Serrated blade, sharp knife;
  • Knife for can opening;
  • Awl;
  • Bottle opener;
  • Mini-saw; bits holder; scissors;
  • Screw-driver bit set (12 items);
  • Tool, with which you can clean up the wires;
  • Tool to grip the screws and cylinders.


  • Ganzo G201-B weight is only 265 grams;
  • It can be used as key-holder;
  • Multi-functionality.

Knife Type Folding
Multi-Tool Type Full-Size
Functions 25
Components pliers, wire cutters , a small flat screwdriver , knife, serrated blade , can opener, bottle opener, stripping , saw, clamps, nuts and cylinders , scissors , awl, bit holder , 12 interchangeable nozzles included
Blade Material 440C
Multi-Tool Color Black
Dimensions in the folded state (L*W*Т), mm 10,5x5x1,5
Warranty 1 year
Holster / Sheath Included Yes

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Multi-Tool Ganzo G201B Multi-Tool Ganzo G201B Multi-Tool Ganzo G201B Multi-Tool Ganzo G201B