Knife Ganzo G7531-CF reviews

JAMES ARCHIBALD 08/09/2019 01:01

I recently purchased this model and was excited to see it was a smaller sized knife. I really find it hard to put into words, as I've said for a while now that "I never leave home without taking a Leek." Well, I've retired my Leek and have replaced it with a Ganzo Model F753M1 CF. The knife is the perfect size for EDC and lighter than a Leek. It's like there's nothing there until you need it and then you have everything you've come to expect from a Ganzo Firebird knife. I can't wait to see what's next!

08/16/2019 11:35

Dear James, thank you for one more good feedback! Enjoy your Ganzo!

Pantaley 02/19/2017 08:25

Hello Everyone,
This is also my first Ganzo knife and I am really impressed by it. I mean the price/quality ratio is very good. I wish the lock to be more smoother, but I guess it will become smoother after a while. Other than that the fit and finish is pretty good. Most probably I will purchase more Ganzo knives.

02/20/2017 17:28

Hello Pantaley!
Thank you so much for such a good comments about our service and Ganzo product. We'll be glad to cooperate with you in future!

laurent 12/15/2016 14:13

C'est mon premier couteau Ganzo, et je ne suis pas déçu, ce couteau est tout simplement magnifique, de très bonne qualité, avec un excellent prix.
Comme je l'ai dit c'est mon premier ganzo, mais pas le dernier

Félicitations Ganzo

This is my first Ganzo knife, and I'm not disappointed, this knife is just beautiful, very good quality, with an excellent price.
As I said it is my first ganzo, but not the last

Congratulations Ganzo

12/20/2016 17:03

Dear Laurent! G7531-CF is a great knife for travel and outdoor activities. Thanks for your kind feedback. Don't stop to enjoy Ganzo!

Nicholas 12/14/2016 13:53

The knife is fantastic looking. Comes really sharp. The knife is lighter than I thought it wood be. Carbon fiber looks good. Milled liners. How Ganzo keeps the price low for this type of knife is unbelievable.

12/20/2016 15:10

Dear Nicholas! G7531-CF is a perfect companion for a long time. Thanks for your comments!

Todd 11/29/2016 00:17

One of the best made knives I've had the pleasure to buy and own in a long time. The fit and finish on this knife for the price is flawless! The G7531-CF was hair shaving sharp out of the box. Its action was a bit stiff but in just an hour of flicking it open, it has become one of the smoothest actions on any budget knife I've ever owned. If you want to own a high value folder at a budget price I highly recommend the Ganzo G7531-CF.

11/29/2016 19:02

Dear Todd!

Thanks for your kind feedback. You made a great choice! Glad to read such a positive comment about Ganzo.We will be happy to cooperate in future!

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