Knife Ganzo G7513CF

Ganzo Knife G7513CF Description

This model of folding knife, the Ganzo G7513-CF, belongs to the universal group because it can be used outdoors and in. That's why it is so popular among buyers. This knife perfectly serves hunters and fishermen alike, it is simply indispensable for outdoor tourist trips. And you can find a use for it in the City. When folded, the knife takes quite a bit of space in your pocket or bag. However, it represents a truly practical tool that is not only suitable for cooking in a field kitchen, but for different economic needs, relevant during trips to nature.

The Ganzo G7513 blade-CF is made from 440 c quality steel, and considered to be the best in the Group of stainless alloys 440 family. It easily resists the influence of water, compared with other, and remains sharp longer, however, it also allows you to sharpen the knife in the field using common handheld tools. The blade length with this model reaches 89 mm. The blade is sharpened in accordance with simple instructions. This is the most common way that gives a smooth edge. In addition, the shape of the clip-point implies the presence of an acute tip, with which you can make very accurate cuts and jabbing. Its metal surface is finished with a special counter paint, due to which it became black and does not reflect the Sun’s rays. This feature allows the use of model G7513 Ganzo-CF for tactical purposes, for example, while hunting, and just makes it more unusual and attractive in terms of design.

Each Ganzo G7513-CF knife handle is made of carbon fibre. This is a special composite fibre, which is twisted on the principle of matting. This texture is clearly visible on the surface of the lining. Handle colour is black. It is comfortable to grip in the palm of the hand, and on the surface of the lining there is a further anchored retaining clip and a hole to insert a handle to it.

The knife lock used with the Ganzo G7513-CF is the Liner Lock. It is in fact, represented by a linear mechanism that has a very simple design. This lock lasts for a long time even if you use a knife, and care will need the easiest, implying the contents clean Castle.


  • blade length is 89 mm
  • used for blade material 440 c
  • handle made from CFRP
  • the shape of the blade is a clip-point
  • dark coated blades
  • smooth ground edge
  • uses the locking Liner
  • full length — 210 mm
  • knife weighs 147 grams
Knife Type Folding
Lock Type Liner Lock
Blade Edge Plain
Point Clip Point
Blade Material 440С
Blade Color Black
Handle Material Carbon fibre
Handle Color Black
Total Length, mm 210
Closed Length, mm 121
Blade Length, mm 89
Blade Thickness, mm 3.3
Knife Weight, g 147
Warranty 1 year

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