Knife Ganzo G743-2 (Black, Green, Orange) reviews

Tim 01/21/2020 06:01

I purchased this knife on Fasttech, for around 19$ 2-3 years ago.

I've used it for everything indoors and probably 5-8 hours on to cut wood for fun. It's still in fantastic condition, blade with 440C steel held longer than I thought. It can still do the "paper test" great 60% of the time, a few small chips stopping it mainly - and that's with the factory edge. Never maintained it, no resharpening or stropping at all. Hasn't needed much cleaning but it still easy to clean.

The knife also feels much better than knives slightly lower in price. Love the handle material and how you flick open the knife with your thumb. Very fast opening and closing one-handed. 10/10 knife.

01/30/2020 09:21

Dear Tim, thank you very much for feedback! Enjoy your Ganzo!

Jayden 12/20/2016 13:21

Excellent knife , although not open for the fin , it is necessary to open for the pin . Powerful lock frame , comes at the beginning of the heel of the blade . Nice handle . Blade with descents from the butt and mixing in 0.5 mm - the perfect solution . Good handling and fit - I am very satisfied !

12/20/2016 18:25

Hello Jayden! G743-2 dimensions makes this model very convenient in tourist trips. Thanks for your positive comment.

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