Knife Ganzo G724M (Black, Green, Orange) reviews

Steve 07/07/2021 18:50

Have had this and other Ganzos for many years. This is still my Work Edc knife. Recently went camping and forgot my small axe. Used this knife to baton kindling all during the 4th weekend. The lock held ( I didn’t think it would) my respect for this knife only gets Bigger over the years.

07/23/2021 10:55

Thanks for the comments!

Peter Mortensen 10/11/2017 19:24

I can't fin Ganzo G724 at GearBest. Have you stopped making them? Great knives!

10/19/2017 12:09

Thank you for your request and for your interest in our products, Please ask all questions on the mail

Backyard Survival 03/14/2017 10:59

I just recently bought this off of amazon for 9.95 USD, I was looking for a beater knife for my nephew and ended up falling in love with it. I love the axis lock but thought it would be extremely stiff or some other kind of issue with the quality. However I was highly mistaken the quality of the over all knife is impressive, it was razor sharp straight out of the box, I have enjoyed this knife in just the few days I have had it, I will be ordering some others to feature I my YouTube channel, keep up the great work.

Knife User 12/25/2016 03:12

I prefer bigger knives as I got large hands. This is for sure one of my favorite Ganzo knives (with the G720 being my no°1 pick). I hope they run another batch of these or make an improved follow up. I would buy a few more of these.

12/27/2016 15:13

Dear client! G724M is a qualitative and reliable model. Its dimensions allow to do all types of work during the country rest and to keep it compactly in the backpack. Thanks for your feedback. Continue to enjoy Ganzo!

A Ganzo user 12/16/2016 04:01

One of my favorite Ganzo knives. Too bad it seems to be out of production. I could only grab one of the last orange ones (not a nice looking orange btw, next time use a brighter neon color). Would for sure buy a couple more in black and green if they were still available.
I would love to see another batch of those produced. Or even better, a new model with ball bearings and slightly bigger size than the G724 as I got quite big hands and the G724 just barely fits in hammer grip but already is a little small for other grips.
Still, the combination of blade length, thickness and shape with the very nice handle makes it one of my most beloved Ganzos.

12/20/2016 19:53

Dear client! It's nice to read that you love our knives. G724 is a model, which combines good quality and high level of functionality. Thanks for your kind words and interest to Ganzo!

Knife User 12/25/2016 03:20

I agree with A Ganzo user. The G724M is one of the best Ganzo knives I own. Is there any chance you are going to put them back to production? Or even better an improved version with ball bearings. I love the size, blade thickness and blade shape of the G724M and would like to buy more of them if they were available.

eric boucharel 11/05/2016 14:18


11/09/2016 12:35

Dear Eric, thank you for feedback! G724 - ideal correlation price-quality, great Ganzo knife. Enjoy your Ganzo!

11/21/2016 17:08

Dear Eric! Thank you for your comment! Glad to know you enjoy our knives!

Miguel 02/27/2016 17:30

Had mine for a while now. Great knife. Fits well in hand. Came hair shaving sharp. This is 54 years of experience talking. Get this beauty while it's still inexpensive.

David 01/07/2016 14:13

A good Chinese knockoff of a Benchmade knife. I got this knife because of the price and that it has a blade lock similar to those made by Benchmade Knives. I got it for a "What if" spare knife. I am very pleased with the knife that I got and I have no problem recommending this knife for a good budget lock blade knife.

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