Knife Ganzo G720 (Black, Green, Orange) reviews

Lucas 04/30/2023 17:41

What type of locking mechanism does the G720-GR knife use?

05/18/2023 09:12

The G720-GR knife uses a liner lock mechanism to secure the blade in place when in use. This mechanism is known for its reliability and ease of use, allowing for quick and easy deployment of the blade with one hand. Additionally, the liner lock ensures that the blade stays securely in place during use, providing added safety and peace of mind for the user.

Cole 04/25/2023 16:10

I love the size and weight of the G720. It's compact enough to carry in my pocket but still has a good heft to it.

Austin 04/21/2023 16:09

The Ganzo G720 is an excellent knife for the price. The blade holds its edge well and the locking mechanism is sturdy.

Jordan 04/18/2023 09:34

I recently purchased the G720 and it has quickly become my go-to EDC knife. The blade is incredibly sharp and the handle is comfortable to grip.

Eli 04/17/2023 12:15

This knife is a great value for the money. It has a solid construction and the blade opens smoothly with one hand.

Andrew 12/28/2017 01:06

I was so impressed with the F720 that I ended up buying 3 of the same model. It is a beast of a blade, heavy and sturdy, yet stays razor sharp. I like that it is thick and can be used for whatever task is needed. I have other more expensive knives that are nice to look at, but I wouldn't want to use them everyday. This is truly an EDC knife for a real man. Not a wimpy blade, but a brute of a folder. I will never buy an overpriced knife again when I could just own several of these.

01/26/2018 15:18

Hello ! Thank you for detailed review, nice to see when our customers give 5 stars to our products! I

Andrew Teter 01/28/2018 06:19


After receiving yet 2 more of the F720 that I ordered, I was trying to figure out what felt different about them from the first ones I bought. The studs in the lock stick out slightly farther which is an improvement in design, however, the knife felt lighter overall. After inspection, I realized that there are now three round holes cut out of the steel liner frame on each side. This reduces the weight, but I much prefer the original solid ones that are heavier. The heaviness of this knife is what I love about it. Is there any way to purchase the original one again with no holes in the liner? I gave one away as a gift and realized it was one of the heavy ones that I prefer, if I had known, I would have kept that one for myself and given him the newer design...

04/18/2018 07:53

Dear, Andrew, thank you for the detail review of this model!

Martin J Camp 04/06/2017 04:57

This knife was purchased as a survival-knife for my ORV ditch-pack, along with a trusty Leatherman. Something heavy-duty and easy to see (orange). Yes - it is big, and it is heavy, and it is nicely designed, well-made, and finished with care. The design of the Handle, Blade, Lock, and Frame are very good. The lock is automatic and positive, and there is no slop to be seen or felt. I will probably never live long enough to wear it out, much-less figure out how something so nice can be produced and shipped to my door for less than $30.00.

Martin J Camp 04/06/2017 04:59

Yes, that would def be a Five-Star product!

Chris 01/10/2017 17:20

Got this one in the mail today. Man, this is a sensationally big folder! It's almost too big. Liners are very thick, c10 is nice and grippy and the blade is so thick and heavy, you can open this knife with a strong flick of the wrist!! I also like to use the very nice thumb studs, though. Wouldn't recommend to put this one in tight jeans pockets :-)
Cool, cool folder. And much bigger than the g751 I already got. Perfect fit and finish, far above what one would think is possible at this price point! Absolute buy recommandation! 01/20/2017 12:01

Thanks for your feedback :) Come back to us yet)

A Ganzo User 12/16/2016 04:25

Big, heavy, sturdy chunk of metal - I love it. This is not an elegant EDC to show your buddies and occasionally open an envellope. It's a big, heavy man's folder to get the job done (within the given limits of a folding knife). I would love to see a successor with ball bearings. Would definitely buy a couple of those if they were in the same price range.

12/20/2016 18:58

Dear client! Thanks for your feedback! G720 is absolutely great model. Highly recommended!

Andrew 10/25/2016 22:08

This is a big knife. It has the size and heft of a fixed blade knife, but the convenience and discretion of a folder. The blade is thick, heavy, sharp and highly polished. The scales are excellent and give good grip. The pocket clip is deep, robust and highly polished so as to not snag on pocket edge, although I prefer to carry this knife in a pouch.

After loosening the pivot and adjusting the axis lock springs I was able to flick deploy the blade with only a tiny bit of side to side play. In time the Teflon and phosphor bronze washers around the pivot will bed in and I can tighten it up and eliminate the play.

The deep sharp blade is great for all cutting tasks, and it is big and strong enough to be used as a sort of small camp axe for chopping and splitting wood for fires and camp building.

Gonzo are not well known in the UK, but all I have shown this knife to have admired the quality and are surprised at the very reasonable price. This was the first Gonzo I bought. I now own a G741, and have ordered a G716 and G717.

Keep up the great work, Ganzo.

11/01/2016 12:02

Dear Andrew, thank you for this review and your thoughts about Ganzo. You're right Ganzo provides really high quality and reasonable price! You are making us better, thanks again!

Bill 06/14/2016 17:27

Pretty good,.. appears to be a really solid knife, very sharp out of the box, a little bit heavy for edc, a good purchase though

06/16/2016 15:08

Hello Bill! G720 is really solid and reliable knife! Many people choose this knife even because of its heavy characteristics. Thank you for good comments!

Doug 03/17/2016 00:00

This is my first impression review. The knife just arrived. This is a big knife folks and it will not get lost in your pocket. The blade is massive, and sharp. This thing is a slicer in the first degree. The G10 scales are good and grippy. The axis lock is pretty stiff though, fairly typical of my other Ganzo knives. You have to work with it for awhile before it loosens up. The problem with this particular knife is the blade sticks when opening. That is a first for me. It "feels" like the blade is scraping against one of the metal liners. Not sure if I need to loosen the pivot screw or not. I'm going to work with it for awhile and use some oil on it before doing that. I don't want any blade play.

Assuming all that gets works out this will be a pretty good knife, This being a Ganzo quality is expected. For what you pay they are hard to beat.

04/18/2016 13:50

Thank you for detailed rewiew! This knife became a very popular model because of it's quality. Hope you will be glad useing this Ganzo knife!

Alfred 01/21/2016 03:00

I knew beforehand that this knife is a cheap knockoff of a much more expensive knife, but it does not look or feel cheap in any way. I have a pretty large knife collection including a few spydercos, a benchmade, quite a few kershaws, and a couple CRKTs, and this knife is right up there with the more expensive knives I own as far as fit and finish. Nice solid lock up with zero blade play, came sharp enough out of the box to shave the hair off my arm, and I love the tip up deep carry pocket clip. And a smaller detail that most people don't care about, but is a testament to the level of fit and finish I didn't expect from a $20 knockoff, when it's closed the blade is perfectly centered inside the handle.

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