Knife Ganzo G716 reviews

Tomas 01/23/2020 12:40

It is very good knife, i am using like personal safety knife. Only one think which I don't like , all parts are stainless steel ( anti corrosive ) but spring not ...

01/30/2020 08:22

Dear Tomas, thank you for your feedback, please note, springs is also stainless steel. If you have any problem with our products please contact

Теодор 09/06/2017 15:17

Nice,well engineered knife!I broke the blade of mine by hitting it with a hammer,but this should not be done to any i will buy another one :) What is the differebce between axis lock and G-lock?

10/04/2017 09:08

Thanks for your comment! The difference between Axis Lock and G-lock is in the supporting spring inside the lock mechanism.

Jake 02/10/2016 07:28

I own 6 ganzo knives. This is my favorite. It has grippy g10 like i love, great blade shape and size, and the axis lock is easy to disengage (thank you finally ganzo got it right) ! Please if you are on the fence about this knife you should spend the money and treat yourself to an 80 dollar knife for 17 dollars. Of course there are some people who wished it had some amazing steel but i think that the 440c is tough and holds a great edge. I have found that ganzo sharpens at around a 50 deg angle, (25 deg inclusive) which is weird but i can get it freakin sharp- and it came sharp too.

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