Knife Ganzo G714 reviews

Hafiz Yusof
March 25, 2017 00:43

this is a really good knife. the metal holds the edge very well, does not need sharpening that often. the only issue is, the torx screws are made of mild metal and give way after a few times unscrewing and retightening (to adjust the knife flip. i noticed that this is an original design by ganzo because i cant find any other brand with the same blade profile as this. i hope ganzo will produce an upgrade version of this with carbon fiber hilt, better locking for ambidextrous (i am lefthanded) as well as an assisted flipper, the thumb studs are a bit dangerous as i have cut my thumbs a few times trying to flip opn this knife. GOOD JOB GANZO!!

December 19, 2016 14:02

Good quality knife. The finishing seems of high level despite the very low price. The blade cuts well out of the box and the lock mechanism works flawlessy.

Definetly a best buy for a cheap good looking EDC knife
December 20, 2016 18:14

Hello Charles! G714 is absolutely perfect knife for cheap price. Thanks for your comment and interest to Ganzo brand

March 13, 2016 14:24

Nice love this blade. Will buy more ganzo knifes they seem to be very well made.
April 18, 2016 14:00

Hello Zachary! Ganzo it's a great quality combined with affordable cost. Each of Ganzo knifes will be your assistants for a long time! Thanks for your feedback!

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