Knife Ganzo G713 reviews

Khairil Faizi Jamian 08/13/2020 13:55

The G713 is sharp and nimble, the "intimidating" design makes it an attention grabber. I just love using it for food preparation (yes! Hahah!) because the 440c is reliable and the G713 ergo makes work fun and enjoyable. Though some say it's SOG Salute homage, I'd say it's a better and handsomer than the SOG!
All in all, the G13 is a great product and together with F755 - are my two most used knives.
Keep on making good products at affordable prices Ganzo!

09/14/2020 13:45

Dear Customer, thank you for your comments!

A Ganzo User 12/16/2016 04:12

I am a huge fan of lockback knives. So I had to get the G713. I really like the size and shape. But whoever designed that beautiful knife seems to have small hands. Removing the scales at the back end of the handle to expose the liners and make the knife look "special" was not a good idea. When holding the knife with a tight grip those liners cut into my pinky. Therefore I can't use the knife without gloves.
Also the lockback should engage a little deeper into the metal to make it more robust and withstand more abuse.
I would love to see a new Ganzo folding knife based on the G713 (I really love the overall design) without the skeletonized liners and a sturdy heavy duty lockback. I would definitely buy a couple of those.

12/20/2016 19:10

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