Knife Ganzo G704, Army Green reviews

Cid 04/23/2021

I'm guessing this is the exact same knife as the F704? It's mine and many of my friends favorite Ganzo knife that we all can agree on. Great Fit and finish a great hardness (HRC) and just amazingly priced. If you made a successor to this knife I would strongly recommend that you make a version with a flipper design,it would be a top seller. Keep the same great shape and 440C blade with the same fit and finish. Even make a D2 version also if you want for those that prefer that. But I would at least start with the 440C to stay true to the original Ganzo/Firebird. Something I also would suggest would be to either include or sell separately different colored anodized thumb studs and scale screws and pocket clips. People love to customize their knives. And it would be a great addition to Ganzo knives also. Making it even more value for enthusiasts that still on budgets. I absolutely love this knife,and if I could have a F704 with a flipper it would be the best. Keep up the great work


Thanks for your comments, we`ll consider it.

Owen 02/18/2016

This Ganzo was perfect out the box, easy to flip blade open and smooth unlocking with one hand operation. Smoother than my other Ganzo's. The guy at the factory who fitted and finished this one needs a raise. Handles were matched perfectly to the frame and no mismatch to the alignment could be found. Wish they were all this nice.

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