Knife Ganzo G622-B-5S, Black

Ganzo G622-B-5s - a folding knife with a combined-type blade. Ganzo G622-B-5S is an indispensable tool in hunting, fishing, or simply in the campaign and in daily use.



Description of Ganzo Ganzo G622-B-5S Knife:

A distinctive feature of this model is the blade equipped with combined sharpening: the straight sharpening and saw sharpening. This sharpening will be useful if you need something to saw or cut a multilayer material, for example the string.

The length of unfolded blade is 215 mm, and folded is 115 mm. Blade-type spear-point has a spear shape and allows you not only cut, but to prick also. The blade length is 89 mm, the edge thickness is 3.5 mm. The knife is equipped with reliable semiautomatic fixing mechanism LinerLock.

The blade is made of 440A stainless steel, has the highest corrosion resistance among varieties of steel series. Thanks to increased hardness, the blade retains sharpness for a long time.

The grips on the handle are made of the popular ABS-plastic and have an embossed surface, by the means of which the knife is well fixed in the hand. Also, this material is resistant to temperature changes, so do not be afraid to use a knife either in the dead of winter or in hot weather. Special metal clip located on the handle of a knife allows to attach a knife on a belt or other equipment.


  • the blade is made of stainless steel 440A;
  • with saw sarpened sector;
  • comfortable, ergonomic handle;
  • clip available;
  • lock blade;
  • total weight is 142 grams.

Warranty period is 1 year from the date sale of the item.

Knife Type Folding
Lock Type Liner Lock
Blade Edge Partially Serrated
Point Spear Point
Blade Material 440A
Blade Color Black
Handle Material Plastic
Handle Color Black
Total Length, mm 215
Closed Length, mm 115
Blade Length, mm 89
Blade Thickness, mm 3,5
Knife Weight, g 142
Warranty 1 year

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Knife Ganzo G622-B-5S, Black Knife Ganzo G622-B-5S, Black Knife Ganzo G622-B-5S, Black