Knife Firebird by Ganzo FB7651 (Carbon)

The Ganzo Company introduced its new product – folding EDC-variant for home, work, travel, hiking. The FB7651-CF is of a Carbon color and the carbon fiber is used as a material for the handle. This is a durable wear-resistant knife. It will be your reliable assistant and as a tool, and also as a weapon.



Description of the knife Firebird FB7651-CF:

Ganzo, a famous Chinese Company, introduced a new model of the folding everyday knife. FB7651-CF - the product of the Firebird trademark. This is a durable, strong knife, made taking into account the specifics of different life situations. It is suitable for use at home, outdoors during a picnic, camping, traveling. The blade shape – clip-point is universal. The quality novelty is great both as the tool and also as a weapon. The peculiarity of the model is the Carbon color, and the material for the handle is Carbon fibre. The total length of the model is 19.9 centimeters, the length of the blade is 8.3 centimeters, the thickness of the blade is 0.32 centimeters. The weight is 101 grams.

The blade of the product is made of 440C steel grade, the hardness of which is 58 units on the Rockwell scale. This steel, protected from rust, has several useful characteristics. It is one of the most popular brands, solid and very durable. Knives made of such steel are of high quality. These models have good cutting properties, hold the original sharpening long enough without any additional care. The resistance to salt corrosion is another valuable quality of this material. Therefore, with a knife made of this steel, you can go outdoors without fear that high humidity will affect the product.

The handle of this model is formed by steel liners, a polymer spacer and pads made of Carbon fibre material, which are fixed by steel screw-bolts of Torx. The design of the handle is provided with a removable belt clip made of steel. There is a large hole for the lanyard. The total length of the handle is 11.6 centimeters.

Carbon fibre is a fibre made of carbon. This is a set of thin filaments with a diameter from 5 to 15 microns, formed mainly by carbon atoms. Carbon fiber is characterized by high heat resistance, chemical resistance, and high strength. Because of this, the handle, made with the use of material, has increased strength and retains its form for a long time. The new FB7651-CFA could be described as the thoughtful, ergonomic, reliable item.

The blade could be removed from the knife using standard steel pegs and fixed with a proprietary lock called G-Lock. Axial bearings are responsible for the speed and smoothness of the flipping. The shape of the clip-point blade is very convenient for solving a variety of tasks in everyday life. The knives with a similar profile are quite popular among hunters and fans of extreme leisure.

Peculiar properties:

  • the folding knife for everyday use;
  • the blade shape – clip-point;
  • the blade length – 8.3 cm;
  • the blade material – 440C steel;
  • the convenient handle is made of Carbon fibre;
  • the lock for fixation – G-Lock;
  • the total weight of the knife – 101 grams;
  • the total length of the knife – 19.9 centimeters.

Warranty: The manufacturers provide 1 year warranty for this model.

Knife Type Folding
Lock Type G-Lock
Blade Edge Plain
Point Drop Point
Blade Material 440С
Blade Color Gray
Handle Material Carbon fiber
Handle Color Carbon
Total Length, mm 199
Blade Length, mm 83
Blade Thickness, mm 3.2
Knife Weight, g 101

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Knife Firebird by Ganzo FB7651 (Carbon) Knife Firebird by Ganzo FB7651 (Carbon) Knife Firebird by Ganzo FB7651 (Carbon) Knife Firebird by Ganzo FB7651 (Carbon) Knife Firebird by Ganzo FB7651 (Carbon)