Knife Firebird F7542 (Black, Green, Orange) reviews

February 8, 2017 21:45

I have had two F754's for a couple of weeks now and I really enjoy this knife a lot. It is very comfortable to carry and to hold in any type of grip that you can think of.
The stone-wash blade looks very nice. At first I wondered why they didn't put a sharpeners choil on the blade, but it looks ok the way they designed it and the transition from blade to ricasso is fairly nice, I just hope it keeps looking good after I have had to sharpen the knife a few times. That is the only part of the knife that I have any concerns about, and those are minor.
I really like the handle, it is comfortable and light. The skeletonized liners helps to keep the weight in a good range. I am so glad that Ganzo started to do that to save weight on their knives. The lanyard hole is super generous, and it is nice to see something other than just a round hole all of the time.
The blue anodized hardware is nice too. Ganzo has perfected thier process and now each piece of hardware looks to be the same shade of blue, but I do wish the knife had the option to come with just regular satin hardware and have the blue hardware sold as a separate bling / customizatioin kit - along with some ultra deep carry pocket clips too. The pocket clip they use is the trusty one they have on most of their knives, and it is very functional and comfortable.
The thumbstuds are far enough back so that they don't get in the way if you are slicing an apple or something, so that is another good thing. And both of mine came VERY sharp from the factory. Their sharpening process is getting better over time. It has always been good but now it is great.
I say, if you think you like how the knife looks in the pictures then you should buy one because you are going to LOVE how it feels in the hand.
February 9, 2017 17:10

Thanks so much for your detailed feedback! ! As a worthy member of big Ganzo family, this knife has high level of durability and reliability. Ganzo - unwavering quality combined with affordable price.

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