KNIFE Firebird by Ganzo FH41 (BLACK, GREEN, GRAY) reviews

Geo 08/27/2020

Nice knife but blade too thick. A thinner blade cuts better and feels better, see Spyderco. You don't need 3, 4 mm, up to 2 is more than enough. It won't be the blade that breaks first anyway, on foldables.


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Ryan 07/08/2020

BUY THIS KNIFE! You will not regret it! This has been the biggest surprise of my recent knife purchases. The action is buttery smooth, ergonomics are great and the steel is wonderful for the money. I love flipping this knife open! BUY ONE !!!!


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Crab 06/07/2020

Great knife. Have you guys considered making a steel framelock version of the FH41 like with the FH11? I think that would be a good seller.


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Tomek 01/23/2020

It's my first Ganzo. Very well made knife. Nice factory sharpness, but now I don't know angle proper to sharpening.


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Jason 01/11/2020

My favorite budget folder. PLEASE make the pocket clip reversible for left handed people. :)


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This is my first D2 Ganzo, but I'm a big fan. Ganzo knives are super! I can't begin to say enough about them. They are priced to sell! The quality is second to none, and yet they keep getting better! Unlike early flipper models like the F743, the second generation flippers work as well as assisted knives but without the springs. The handles have such a great feel too, like other Ganzo knives, much effort is put into the design. The knives are extremely ergonomic. If you haven't seen a Ganzo knife yet, get one! You will not be disappointed.


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William Mancel 07/02/2019

This is my first D2 Ganzo, and it is excellent. Fit and finish are perfect. This knife feels like it costs over 100 dollars. I love the blade shape, & it is a great flipper. It is my favorite carry knife.


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