Knife Firebird by Ganzo FB727S (black, camouflage, gray) reviews

Moose 11/17/2019 16:41

Blade runs on bearings, and the knife has milled out liners (both a nice surprise); great edc size, usual solid quality materials, fit and finish. The new grey scales are ok, but I'd love to have dark earth/brown as an option. Only negative for me is the logo being too big on the show side (sometimes less is more- the print on the clip side is much more appropriately sized).

Would love to see more blades in this size range; maybe a version of the discontinued BM 525? That would be a grail knife for me.
Make these with brown scales and smaller logo for the full five stars (because I'm a grump)

12/10/2019 12:18

Dear Moose, Thank you for your feedback, we`ll consider your comments.

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