Knife Adimanti by Ganzo (SKIMEN design) Camouflage reviews

Cid 04/23/2021 19:02

Really like the feel and the look and the functionality of this one. This Ganzo Skimen collab does NOT disappoint. Great functionality great fit and finish and great price. The blade design is well thought out,with a 3.5 mm thick blade at the thickest part of the blade towards the middle and back spine. But don't get fooled they did something smart here with a "split" blade reminding of a dagger where the top part towards the spine is thicker and towards the middle of the blade. And down towards the edge it get thinner but not in a weak way. It's obvious that Skimen know his blades and know a good blade design. And sometimes having a thinner part of the blade to work with is indeed much appreciated for finer tasks. But this can handle most task. If you are looking for a thinner blade to do finer work I can HIGHLY also recommend the FB727S,it does not have a flipper but the action and fit and finish is also great. I now have about 15 Ganzo knives,and my biggest wish is that Ganzo makes a F704 with a flipper,that knife is also one of my favorite along with the Skimen. But having a F704 with a flipper would just be a dream come true,and I know they would sell a ton cause I haven't heard any that doesn't like the F704. Sorry for the tangent,I just have a love for well made affordable knives. Should you get a Skimen? YES get 2.. They are absolute worth it and put knives that are twice the price (or more) to shame. No complaints here.

04/28/2021 11:32

Thanks for your detailed feedback.

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