The Adimanti Shadow knife as successful use of DLC coating technology

The new Adimanti Shadow by Ganzo (SKIMEN DESIGN) knife is a flawless dark blade and a comfortable black handle. The knife is reliable, ergonomic, thought out in every detail.

The Adimanti Shadow by Ganzo, based on Skimen's design, has a special DLC coating.

DLC coating technology: what is it for?

First of all, the development of DLC coating technology in the field of knife production has made a major revolution. This opened up great opportunities in those areas where it was required to increase the strength of the working tool and reduce friction between parts.

What is DLC coverage? In the late 60s of the last century, physicists Saul Eisenberg and Ronald Schabot from America demonstrated a diamond-like coating. It was deposited onto a substrate by forming a carbon film. The film was diamond-like and graphite-like bonds combined into an amorphous structure. The first told her the hardness of the diamond, the second - the slip of graphite.

Thus, it was possible to obtain a reliable type of coating, the features of which are hardness, endurance, abrasion and corrosion resistance. The surface with such a treatment perfectly resists not only mechanical stress but also chemical reagents. As a result, any product processed by this method shows a much longer service life than it would be without coating.

Diamond-Like Coating (DLC) is also biocompatible and environmentally friendly. For these reasons, it is often used to create knives and other tools.

The Adimanti Shadow knife is a prime example of successful use of DLC coating technology.

The model with DLC coating becomes an excellent choice for tourist life as a weapon with a large margin of safety. It should be mentioned that the knife blade is traditionally made of strong and high quality D2 steel. The hardness index of this steel reaches a value of about 60 Rockwell units. The noble black color makes this knife stand out from the others.

The handle made of G10 fiberglass is not inferior in terms of wear resistance and convenience. It is resistant to high temperatures, remains intact and unharmed under heavy mechanical stress. This is a great option to help tourists and travelers. It is a pleasure to use such a knife. It is small, light (120 g), has good mechanics, and is safe to use. The knife has a universal drop-point blade shape, the handle has a clip.

Total length 205 mm, blade length - 85 mm.

Pocket knife folds compactly with Flipper lock. The knife is not picky about care and this is another plus. Due to the fact that the model is protected by applying a DLC coating, the knife will last a long time and will not be prone to scratches or rust.


DLC coating technology has now proven itself as one of the most effective methods to increase the life of the knife. It helps to maintain the perfect performance of the knife from the very beginning. This coating gives the knife resistance to mechanical damage, exposure to chemicals, increases its strength and endurance. The essence of the technology is in the combination of diamond-like and graphite-like bonds. This results in a practical and durable material.

The Skimen-SH model from the Adimanti series has such a coating and has earned the title of a very high quality tourist knife. A powerful, elegant and comfortable knife designed for many years of intense activity. The knife demonstrates excellent protection not only against corrosion, but also against impact, damage, deformation. It is easy to look after him. The hard coating protects the knife and allows it to be classified as a powerful tool.


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