Skimen knife Neformat - the debut model of the Adimanti design series

Ganzo does not stand still. From recent events - at the end of 2019, the company announced a new brand Adimanti. According to the craftsmen, the brand will further combine various products from freelance designers. The beginning of the next round of development was laid by cooperation with the famous knife master Ruslan Skimen. The knife on which Ruslan Statsenko worked (Skimen) is presented in as many as five different color options. Orange, black, dark green, purple, as well as the carbon option. Let's take a closer look at this new product.

Composition and construction

The Adimanti Skimen knife received the universal Drop-Point shape. This type of blade is equally effective when cutting and when pricking. The Drop-Point shape is one of the most popular with knives. On the front of the butt, sometimes they make either a “false blade” formed by descents without sharpening, or a second full blade (one and a half sharpening). Knives with this type of blade are a frequent choice for tourism enthusiasts.

And in principle, the model is very good for use in tourism activities. For this, she has all the necessary data. First of all, D2 steel, whose hardness is estimated at 60 Rockwell units. This is a high-strength and reliable alloy, with great resistance to wear and compression loads. In addition, it retains sharpening for a long time. Steel D2 belongs to the category of semi-stainless, so it still makes sense to protect the product from water and wipe it dry.

The blade is opened using a small flipper and fixed with a steel frame-lock. Frame-Lock is a separate type of lock type Liner-Lock. A feature of the knife mechanism is its simplicity and reliability. The specificity is that the function of the spring plate is performed by the part of the handle, which also moves to the open and closed knife modes. The model is absolutely safe to use. No accidental openings or blade closures!

The handle of the product is protected from damage, and will retain its appearance for a long time. Made by a combination of steel lock, polymer spacer and smooth lining. In four versions, it is made using fiberglass G10. This is such a material, which consists of fiberglass and epoxy resins. The G10 is excellent in practice: it resists shock and moisture, has great resistance to fire and is very durable. Such remarkable qualities of G10 fiberglass make the knife very convenient and practical to use. The handle will not slip even in a wet palm, comfortable grip in any way, simple and safe operation.

The carbon option is presented with a carbon polymer overlay. Like G10, the material is very durable and resistant to impacts. Carbon fibers are characterized by high tensile strength, low specific gravity, low coefficient of thermal expansion.

Knife dimensions

 Adimanti Skimen is up to 20.5 centimeters long. The length of the blade is eight and a half centimeters. The thickness of the blade is three and a half millimeters. Stick length - 12 centimeters. Model weighs 120 grams.

A clip is provided for comfortable wearing. With it, you can fix the knife on a pocket, on a belt, or hang it from a bag. The clip is removable. You can fix it in two positions.

The nuances of applying the model

Users have already managed to test the knife in practice. According to consumers, the best option was with the “purple” handle. If the product is your first flipper, be careful and work very carefully. The knife is equipped with a bag for carrying, but here's how it is - you can carry an EDC nickname in your pocket. High quality workmanship (at a low price) invariably receives approving feedback from owners.

In general, a model born in collaboration with Ruslan Skimen will be very useful to you as an EDC knife. A large variety of colors will delight esthetes separately. Let's hope that the Adimanti product line is replenished more than once with new products. And this beautiful knife will be a worthy start.


Before us is a comfortable knife, which is characterized as an EDC model. Compact in size and quite light, traditionally received a clip (removable). It will always be at hand, and especially helps out active people, tourists. The shape of the blade is the most popular and common. It can be argued that this is a universal knife - it will cope equally well with different tasks. The knife contains high-strength and high-quality materials. Such as steel D2 and fiberglass G10. The carbon version is equipped with a carbon polymer handle. It is fixed with the participation of a steel frame-lock. The designer copy is presented in four color options, as well as in the carbon version. The length of the knife reaches 20.5 centimeters, and it weighs 120 grams.


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