The well-known brand GanzoFIREBIRD has many undoubted advantages, but its separate plus is fashion trends. The company always keeps up with the times, delighting consumers with fresh offers. It should be reminded that this company produces excellent products, which, moreover, will not cost you much? Perhaps not worth it. If you have already looked here, then you know how beautiful the products from Ganzo are. You will love them even more if you read right now about the new products that the Chinese manufacturer attracts us to. We dare to assure that these knives deserve to be known by buyers.


Ideal for EDC

Very solid model for everyday urban wear. It can be said the perfect knife for EDC. Judge for yourself: small, lightweight, folding, flipping with a bang, convenient and reliable with any capture of the handle. And that's not all. High quality steel D2 guarantees a very long life for this product. Well, if any small scratches appear on the blade, they will not spoil the appearance of the model at all. Special treatment of the blade makes such damage invisible to the eyes. Nothing prevents you from enjoying FH21 for as long as you get bored. Going with him to a picnic is also no problem. The neat shape of the blade (the classic Drop Point) is suitable for slicing at least meat, even vegetables, or even baked goods. Decide to leave the knife to work with non-food materials - easily. FH21 is equally appropriate both at home and on vacation or on a trip, it will not let you down anywhere - that’s for sure.

Sophisticated design and mechanics

Actually, the mechanics of the knife is beyond praise. Those who have already acquired the FH21, point to his lightning flawless flipping. It seems that it is worthwhile to slightly press on the flipper of the tool, as the blade literally “shoots” from the inner frame. Hiding the blade in the handle is also easy and simple. In addition, the master provided his brainchild with a locking mechanism. Even if pressure is exerted on the blade, the blade will not close by itself due to the presence of a Liner lock.

Design knife - a variation on the theme of the model Dead Silence. The prototype was made by a company with the sonorous name Fat Dragon. And let in this case, Ganzo did not distinguish originality, the design solution of the knife, peeped from others, is quite well-off. We said earlier that FH21 is suitable for permanent use. So, the Chinese have provided in the product also a textured surface. In the owner's wet palm, the knife will not slide, which means it will not accidentally fall out of the hand. Indeed, the top option for many occasions.


Unusual blade shape

Another fresh model released by Ganzo. If you compare it with the above described FH21, then it is much more massive and less elegant product. But he has his charms. For example, good protection against corrosion process. Another feature of the knife is a blade of unusual shape. This type of blade is characterized by a perfectly straight cutting edge, a false blade on the butt, as well as a sharply sharpened tip. What to do with such a knife? Tourist it is useful during cooking. Useful FH31 when performing utility and economic work.

High quality materials

Ganzo produces its tools from D2 steel. And this compact knife is not out of the trend. Using first-class material, Chinese masters have achieved excellent quality blades. In addition, the surface of the knife craftsmen from the Middle Kingdom polished. So much so that as a result, steel looks like an atlas. Such products at work are much less glare, and if they are scratched somewhere, minor damage is not visible.

Of course, the knife handle is no worse in quality. Well, if the experts Ganzo took up something, they do it conscientiously. For the handle model used a composite version of fiberglass G10. With such material, the novelty is not afraid of either the summer sun or the winter cold. G10 does not absorb moisture, responds normally to significant loads. Well, in order to work with a knife was not only effective, pleasant, but also safe, they invented a Liner lock. He will not allow the blade to take shape, blocking its course.


New Ganzo FH21 and FH31 - what is needed for everyday use in urban environments. Convenient folding models of low weight, very durable, with an easily memorable design. The presence of blades made of steel grade D2 ensures reliable operation of knives for many years. Products are safe, ergonomic, from the point of view of mechanics are excellent. Resistant knives to the effects of temperature factors. Corrosion is practically not affected, require simple maintenance.


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