GANZO company is the choice of knife lovers

The Chinese company GANZO & FIREBIRD, as we know, is considered to be one of the leaders in the field of producing good quality and high quality, and most importantly, inexpensive, tools. Manufacturers skillfully use the experience of their competitors without raising the price of finished products. Numerous fans of the brand appreciated this advantage. In addition, all products manufactured by the company are tested at the stages of the production process.

The manufacturer constantly updates its product range, complementing it with stylish, practical, reliable items. One of these new products is the model FH805.

Design and appointment

The instance belongs to the universal knives category. Of particular interest, it may be for hunters, anglers, tourists. It is a tool with a fixed blade and has a special sheath. The scabbard not only allows you to safely hide the tool and without any problems transport it, but also contribute to the safety of the knife. For convenience, the sheaths are supplemented with a tight-fitting clip: it is easy to secure the model next to you and always keep it close at hand.

The knife is elegant, with a straight sharpened blade shape - normal blade. The blade of this form is also called "Finnish", it is one of the most common forms. It is convenient to cut with this tool due to the fact that the length of the cutting edge is longer than the length of the blade itself. It is also convenient for them to apply thrusting shots, since the high penetrating power of the knife.

The embossed handle contributes to a better holding of the knife in the hand, and in which case it will not slip, therefore it is safe to use. A cord is attached to the handle, which has a decorative rather than functional purpose. The blade is decorated with a traditional manufacturer's logo. A nice-looking knife, with the familiar features of the FH line, these models are just as pleasant to the touch when captured, as evidenced by users.

Materials and sizes

Naturally, a good knife can`t consist of any other materials. The masters involved in the production of the series know this. They used strong steel grade 9Cr18mov, great for creating blades. This type of steel has excellent cutting properties, in addition, it is not subject to corrosion. The blade made of a similar material perfectly retains its sharpening. Hardness reaches 59 units on the Rockwell scale, this is a good indicator, and it is quite enough for normal operation of the knife.

As for the handle, it has traditionally been used for it modern material G10, which is a filament glass fabric. Durable, resistant to impact, moisture, while well-kept layered staining. With such materials in the composition of the knife becomes invulnerable to the factors that usually act on the tool during its use. It is a durable product that you can take with you everywhere. Minimal care for the model is enough to ensure that the knife does not lose its user qualities and excellent appearance.

The total length of the knife is just over 19 cm, and the weight of this model is 114 grams. The blade length reaches 8.5 cm, and the blade thickness is 0.4 cm. Confirming the high quality of their quite popular products, the creators give a lifetime warranty on the knife. The new FH805 is an excellent assistant for energetic and active people.


GANZO is not in vain considered one of the leading companies in the field of high-quality practical tools. Knives produced under this brand are lightweight, comfortable, beautiful and reliable in operation. The company never stops at the achieved success, and repeatedly gives new interesting models for real fans of knives. This is the new FH805. "Knives with character" - so you can say about the products of the Chinese brand. Small, but remote, products can be everywhere with you, without losing the perfect appearance, and perfectly preserving its functionality and user qualities.

Elegant knife FH805 refers to the tools for universal use, but special attention should be paid to hunters, tourists and fishermen. A great helper where you need to cut something quickly and gently, or strike stabbing. The knife contains wear-resistant modern materials, due to the presence of which it demonstrates high reliability and durability. This is an awkward model that easily hides in the sheath, it is convenient to carry it and, if necessary, to fix it somewhere along with the sheath. Lifetime warranty on the product is another proof that the knife is really good at home and durable in operation.


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