The models D704 and D727M from Ganzo&Firebird are updated and improved version of the previously released G704 and G727M. At one time, the G704 and G727M models have earned a very good reputation among users.

They noted its convenience, practicality and attractive cost. The D704&D727M knives confirmthe saying that everything new is well forgotten old. But it cannot be said that the G704 and G727M were completely forgotten. Manufacturers gave it a more recent version of good quality steel. It is an alloy D2, marked by such features as: high content of elements of chromium and carbon, excellent cutting properties, necessary resistance to corrosion.

D704 design

As already noted, the D704 knife received solid D2 steel. The hardness of steel is 60 units of Rockwell (plus or minus), which gives it the right to be considered quite strong and reliable. An Axis Lock is used to pull the blade outwards. The mechanism is based on locking the blade with a spindle-shaped pin, which is located perpendicular to the plane of the blade. With such a well thought-out and effective lock, there is no chance of accidental opening of the knife when its handle is firmly squeezed. The blade of the drop-point variety is considered universal for performing various works in practice.

The butt of the knife has special notches, due to which the finger reliably adheres to the tool during use. The handle is made of G10, a fiberglass resin with excellent usability. The G10 resists shock and damage well, is not afraid of contact with moisture, and is also easy to paint, which gives freedom in the implementation of design ideas. The knife is convenient to hold, it does not slip, does not move when gripped by hand. High comfort was also talked about earlier during the release of the G704. This model is just as ergonomic.

Safety, convenience, thoughtfulness of the design - briefly about those advantages that can be distinguished in the first place from the D704 knife. It is compact, fits well in the hand, very attractive for use during hiking, outings, travel. In a word, quite a decent tourist EDC model.

Knife parameters

The length of the model is exactly 20 cm when unfolded. The blade is eight and a half centimeters long. The blade thickness is 4 mm. The knife weighs 134 grams, the manufacturers made it lighter compared to the G704 (it weighed 140 grams, recall). Such compact dimensions make the knife highly preferred for everyday wear. It has a wide range of applications, literally, for any situation, especially when it comes to tourism. For added convenience, there is a metal clip that allows you to tightly attach the product to your pocket, belt or bag. Such a miniature knife will always be at hand.

There are two color options, namely black and green. Everyone chooses what he likes best. Nice and familiar colors. The predecessor G704 had grips in black, yellow, orange, green and camouflage colors.

Other features

The knife is characterized as pocket, hunting, fishing. Previously, owners of the G704 have praised its excellent value for money. It can be assumed that this version will not disappoint the expectations of knife lovers. Compact, foldable, lightweight, the D704 is ideal for intensive outdoor use. Therefore, there is no reason not to try it during the next outdoor event, or just at home.

Composition and design of the D727M model

As mentioned above, the knife is made using D2 steel. The steel is characterized by a high content of chromium and carbon, due to which it has excellent cutting properties. It resists rust well, and also has the required viscosity. It is the most corrosion resistant high carbon steel. The hardness of the metal reaches about 60 units on the Rockwell scale, and this figure is considered very solid for knives. With such a material in the composition, the knife can withstand heavy operating loads, and does not break, as one might expect.

Blade type - drop-point. As for this form, it is ideally suited for a variety of operations. Both pricking and cutting. The versatility of the blade makes it especially popular in knives for household, tourist, hunting, and EDC purposes.

The handle of the model is made of strong G10 fiberglass, rough to the touch. Due to this, the knife is comfortable to hold in the hand, it is ergonomic. Even if the user's palms are wet, the tool will still not slip and shift during operation. Which is very practical and great. In addition to this advantage, the material G10 is easy to process. With it, you can carry out different staining, this gives a wide field of activity for designers. Glass fiber laminate resistant to moisture and temperature. Perfect grip for a wide variety of knife positions in the hand; in practice, this model is very easy to work with.

The peculiarity of the novelty is its Axis-lock type lock, to which the manufacturers have added bearings. Such a knife mechanism guarantees the ease of opening and closing the blade, and at the same time the blade itself is securely fixed. Complete safety when using the knife. The bearings added a smooth ride to the blade and increased the durability of the mechanism.

Physical parameters and design of the knife

In terms of design, everything here is very elementary, restrained and uncomplicated. The knife received two color options - black and green. Standard colors often found in the Ganzo range of knives. To make using the knife even easier and more pleasant, we took care of a metal clip for fixing the model. With it, you can fasten a knife to a belt, on a pocket, attach it to a backpack.

The knife is 21 centimeters long when unfolded. When folded, the length is 12.1 centimeters. The blade thickness reaches 0.35 centimeters. The blade is 8.9 centimeters long. The model weighs 117.5 grams. The novelty can be used in a variety of situations, both in an urban environment and during outdoor activities, being in nature, for tourist purposes. This is a budget tool to help you every day.


The D704 is an update to the familiar G704 knife. Compared to its predecessor, the D704 has become lighter in weight. In addition, he acquired high quality D2 grade steel. You can rely on this knife with confidence, it shows excellent cutting properties, it is resistant to rust, strong, adapted to the field conditions. The compact dimensions and low weight of the knife play in its favor, giving it the right to be considered a tourist specimen. A great option for every day. It has a convenient clip, is well thought out in terms of construction, extremely comfortable for any grip, in a word, quite practical. The blade will effectively cope with different types of work. The model is well protected from damage, designed for a long period of use. No special care is required, regular cleaning, timely sharpening of the blade. The knife will serve well for all lovers of active leisure, and not only. It is characterized as an option for fishing, hunting, camping, hiking. Convenient, reliable Axis Lock guarantees you the safe operation of the knife.

The D727M knife is an updated version of the previously released G7727M knife. Its feature is the steel grade D2 in the composition of this specimen. Such an alloy of metals guarantees the knife excellent resistance to all kinds of mechanical stress, good corrosion resistance, and in general, steel is popular due to its good operational properties. High blade hardness, comfortable knife control, safety of use. Easy to operate, comfortable to grip, does not slip even from wet hands. The blade is of the drop-point variety, the shape is optimal for both piercing and cutting movements. It shows itself excellently in practice. It is almost ideal for outdoor activities and tourism. It will also find its application in the urban environment. The comfort clip is used to fix the knife. Its handle is very resistant to moisture and temperature, and its shape is ergonomic and good for intensive work. Manufacturers have added bearings to the Axis-lock knife mechanism. Two handle colors, compact size. The price of the knife will delight fans of practical EDC models. It costs much less than similar copies, but in terms of quality it is not inferior to expensive competitors.


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