A new knife, model FH921, has been released under the Firebird brand from Ganzo. You probably already know about the FH series. Traditionally, the range of knives are supplied with D2 steel with excellent cutting properties, as well as with G10, a fiberglass, ideal for practice. The hardness of such products is quite good 59-61 units according to Rockwell. Which is, again, pretty good for knives. The ability to keep sharpening for a long time with solid hardness and endurance make knives a godsend for the tourist. They show themselves perfectly in various jobs, such as: trimming wood, cutting rubber materials, as well as food products. Neat and precise work, ease of use, good adaptation to difficult field conditions. And, of course, compact size. Naturally, the knives are maximally protected from rust. And their ergonomics speaks for itself.

 Here the manufacturers made a handle with a characteristic notch on top, for the thumb rest, there are also notches on the butt. It is very easy to hold, the knife fits perfectly in the hand, does not slip, does not move. The blade is one of the most common forms that will be convenient in various services. The blade is optimal for cutting as well as for pricking. Suitable for a variety of operations carried out by tourists and survivalists. The knife is versatile. Feature - the presence of Flipper's castle.

Model FH921 - structure

The products include the popular D2 steel, with corrosion protection. It is distinguished by its great strength and retains a sharp cutting edge for a long time. Easy to sharpen. The sharpness of the edge is obtained due to the content of carbon in steel in excess of 0.5%. To improve the stability of alloying additives such as chromium and nickel.

The hardness of the blade is 60 units on the Rockwell scale. The knife is very strong, resistant to damage and wear. The drop-point blade is a multi-job tool, perfect for slicing and pricking. The notches on the butt provide better grip on the user's finger. Another feature is a hole in the blade area where the pin is usually provided. The structural element makes it easy to open the product with one hand. The axle screw is secured by a round metal bearing.

 The product handle is made of G10 fiberglass. Often this material can be found in Firebird knives. Advantages - the same strength, resistance to high temperatures, chemicals, water. Excellent dyeing properties. Reliable material, slightly rough to the touch. Provides good grip and perfect grip, the knife does not slip in the hand, even if the hands are wet. The ergonomics of the FH series models have long been proven.

Among other things, there is a convenient Flipper type lock. The knife opens and closes without any problems, and is completely safe in operation. To make the use of the model even more convenient, a standard metal clip is presented here. It is quite ordinary and ordinary, the same as on many other products in the series. In this regard, Ganzo masters do not bother, and they make the same clamps on all their products. They are rigid, and allow you to attach the model without fixing, so it can be used in a pocket, on a belt, or otherwise.

Dimensions and weight

The knife's weight is not the smallest for this format, but it is 113 and a half grams. Which, in general, is very little. The total length reaches a little less than 20 centimeters. Blade length - 8.6 centimeters. And the thickness is three and a half millimeters. From which it is clear that the knife can be called EDC-this.

Note that the novelty is presented in four colors - black, green, gray and orange. The official warranty is officially 1 year.

Using a knife

The foldable design and small size allow you to keep it with you at all times and use it even every day for any possible need. But there is no doubt that the knife is especially convenient for performing tasks in the framework of tourism, hunting, fishing, travel and other activities surrounded by nature.


So, to summarize. Before us is one of the representatives of the flipper family, another model of the FH line with characteristic and familiar features. Made using all the same D2 steel, protected against corrosion, as well as composite material G10. An ergonomic and functional folding box, it copes well with the tasks. Equally able to cut and prick. Very good quality as a tourist option. Pocket, compact size, metal clip for ease of use. Neat, easy to grip. You can easily work even with wet hands: the knife will not slip out, will not move. Application safety. The mechanics are wonderful, easy to open and close. Hardness reaches 60 HRC. Take this knife with you on hikes and travel. He will certainly justify the hopes placed on him. In addition, another important advantage of the brand is the low cost of products. And in combination with quite good quality and practicality, it disposes to the choice of this particular brand.


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