Ganzo FH51: light, reliable, practical

No wonder the company Ganzo has become so popular among the people keen on knives. On the one hand, manufacturers skillfully use those solutions that have already been worked out before them. On the other hand, they deftly compete with equally successful brands, keeping prices low and maintaining the right quality. Moving always forward and in the rhythm of modern trends, Ganzo regularly impress us with chic novelties. This is one of these knives FH51.

What attracts a flipper? First, its miniature. The weight of the "baby" is only 87 grams, while he copes well with the tasks assigned to him. Well, why not a tourist's dream in long-distance trips. Comfortable handle, powerful and sharp blade. Long keeps sharpening even with active use. Suitable for utility works, perfectly manifests itself in everyday life, will help out the owner on fishing, hunting, during a raid. The blade of the knife is made of quality steel D2, known for its anti-corrosion and good performance properties. Knife with steel D2 will serve you for a long time and efficiently, without losing its qualities at all, even with intensive use. The model has a Clip point blade with a sharp tip and a beveled butt, the cutting edge of the product is smoothly sharpened. Universal folding tool suitable for EDC-wearing.

Properties and Functions

At the very first glance at the model, a massive blade, with the effect of false blades, polished with the help of satin, is especially remembered. Due to this, the appearance of the knife becomes even more attractive. Even if you work with the tool under bright sunlight - the glare on the metal surface will not blind and interfere. In this instance, such a problem is minimized. In addition, the satin finish makes scratches and small scuffs on the metal imperceptible. Excellent steel, which has already been mentioned earlier, provides the knife with all the properties that are so important for the consumer - strength, wear resistance, durability and reliability. The hardness of the metal reaches 60HRC, which makes it quite hard and provides the ability for a long time to keep the necessary sharpening. Such steel is used, including in the process of manufacturing razor blades, and blades for jet turbines are also made from it.

The handle of the model is made of modern material G10. Namely - from fiberglass, having a composite structure. Due to this, the product gets corrosion resistance, hardness, resistance to all kinds of negative effects. The ideal properties of the knife, which is designed for everyday use. Material of this kind is easily painted, and subsequently does not lose its bright color even with intensive use. By the way, there are three options for knife color available to customers - black, blue, and brown.

In short, the manufacturers have thought over everything so that the new FH51 was ready to withstand the most difficult and unforeseen tests. When creating the master handles used steel liners and polymer spacer, forming an opening for the lanyard. The pads of the G10 in the tool are fixed with steel bolts for a standard Torx-type slot.

Sizes and features of mechanics

The folding blade in this new product is removed using a small flipper, and fixed in a certain position by means of a Liner lock. The maximum product length is 185 mm, when folded, the size is about 104 mm, the blade length does not exceed 81 mm.

The maximum thickness of the blade on the butt is 3.5 mm.

The liner lock type is one of the most reliable among similar devices. The flipping of knives of the FH line is clear, fast, and elegant, which owners of previous models can confirm with confidence. Manufacturers of FH51 give a 1 year product warranty.


The FH51 is a miniature but sturdy folding knife for daily use. You can go hiking, fishing or hunting with this knife, in addition, this model is suitable for domestic use. Light and durable, the specimen is able to keep sharpening for a long time, resistant to mechanical damage, as well as to corrosion processes. The massive blade of a knife is ground by a satin method, therefore no minor scratches or minor abrasions will spoil the look of the tool. Excellent mechanics of the knife allows you to use it in the most difficult situations, and he will not let his owner. Safety of operation of the tool is guaranteed due to its design, thought out in terms of ergonomics in the best possible way. Convenience, minimalism, versatility are the distinctive features of the novelty.


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