Ganzo FH41: Varied, stylish, powerful

Fresh offer from Ganzo

Just recently, the famous Chinese company Ganzo presented to the fans another fine folding knife. The new product released for sale is as good as its predecessors, but it is especially pleasing to the eye with its diversity. Masters endowed the knife with four options of a pleasant color for the eyes at once, so you not only get an excellent domestic helper, but also amuse your sense of aesthetics at the same time. And it is also a great option for everyday wear. For this, the FH41 has everything necessary data: compactness (length 202 mm in the working position), lightness (weight 101 g), of course, a good metal (the usual first-class steel D2). What else? Of course, the shape of the blade is a classic Drop Point. It is suitable for both cutting and piercing something. Hunters will be satisfied. Do not forget also that this is a very durable knife, and you will be a reliable companion in a variety of activities.

The composition and function of the product

We have already briefly mentioned the steep appearance of the model, and now let us dwell on its characteristics. So, high-grade steel, called D2, will provide the knife with rust resistance, hardness, the necessary sharpness, and for a long time. Steels can withstand compression loads, abrasive damage. This is enough so that the tool can rightly be called universal, and you can use it everywhere, including in extreme situations.

The handle is traditionally from the G10, and you may have already heard something about the quality of this material. It is a thread-like fiberglass bonded together, which is not afraid of damage, the effect of high temperatures, the influence of chemical reagents. The handle is comfortable to hold, it will not slip from the palm, and at the most crucial moment the owner will not be disappointed. Naturally, the risk of injury when using a knife is minimal, the manufacturers thought over the ergonomic nuances as seriously as the design.

Wear resistance and durability is what fans of folding flipper knives especially appreciate. The amazing FH41 is suitable for anglers and hunters, adherents of an active lifestyle, restless tourists, ordinary users. A truly universal device for solving everyday tasks as well as completely unexpected ones. You can not worry about the knife being constantly undermined, because it will stay sharp for a long time due to high-quality steel.

Knife mechanics

The flipping of the knives of the FH line is impeccable, which in practice is confirmed by the users of the tools. The excellent mechanics of products won many knife lovers. This knife, obviously, continued a good trend. As soon as the novelty managed to replenish the range, buyers instantly appreciated and fell in love with a powerful folding knife. The FH41 really deserves such respect, also because it is a very affordable model. No wonder that today a knife is one of the best-selling products of the Chinese company Ganzo. The warranty on this knife is 1 year.


In summary, we note: FH41 is a versatile, wear-resistant, robust knife, with flawless mechanics. The shape of the knife blade is such that it is great for hunters, fishermen, tourist travelers, and, in principle, is suitable for everyone to wear every day. Careful attention to the tool and minimal care for it will ensure you a long work of this great product.


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