Ganzo FH 922 - stylish excellence&ergonomics

Ganzo has a new EDC knife. The novelty has the features of many previously presented Firebird models. Folding knife, compact, made using the same high quality materials as other models in the same series. But the FH922 knife has its own interesting features. Its blade is wider, smoother in outline. The rounded shape of the blade is in harmony with the same rounded handle. Convenient finger groove at the bottom makes the knife more ergonomic. And the last factor is extremely important when it comes to tourism use. By the way, it is for this purpose that we recommend using the tool.

The knife is presented in four different color options so that you can acquire not only a reliable household assistant, but also a beautiful one. You can choose the best color for yourself. There are black, green, gray and orange colors to choose from. What else is interesting about the knife? The Flipper lock opens and folds perfectly, so it's easy to work with the knife.

Construction, materials

The knife has a Flipper lock. The knife is designed so that it can be opened with one hand. Comfortable, durable, wear-resistant. Operational safety of the model is guaranteed, the blade is securely fixed in the open position. Flips easily and without jamming. There are also notches on the butt for added convenience.

The blade is made of quality D2 stainless steel. The hardness of such an alloy is kept at the level of + - 60 units according to Rockwell. The steel is strong. Straight sharpening of the blade. The blade itself has a drop-point shape. This type is very good for both cutting and thrusting movements. That is why the novelty will be effective primarily for tourism. One knife is enough to perform different operations. Another feature is the ability to maintain the sharpness of the cutting edge. You don't have to sharpen this knife often. In general, he is unpretentious in care. It is also useful for tourism.

Despite the fact that the knife is positioned as a tourist knife, you can safely use it in other situations. Compact dimensions and light weight make it suitable for daily wear. And there is also a very comfortable handle with a loop-shaped clip. The handle is made using practical fiberglass. The used material G10 is known for such qualities as: strength, pliability for coloring, resistance to temperature. The texture is rough. Which contributes to a wonderful grip on the palm. Will not move, will not slip out of the palm, even if it is wet.

Dimensions, product weight

Now about the physical parameters. The total length of the model is 19.6 cm. The length of the blade is 8.6 cm. The thickness of the blade is three and a half mm. Knife weight 109 gr. The clip for fixing the knife is somewhat unusual here, it looks like an eyelet. Graceful and neat. The metal rigid clip makes it possible to securely attach the knife to a belt or pocket, or fix it on a bag.

In general, this knife is well adapted to different environmental conditions, which makes it the best choice for tourist activities. Caring for such a knife is simple. It is enough to sharpen the blade from time to time, prevent the knife from getting dirty, wash and clean it regularly. And then the knife will provide a long and effective service to the owner. A special case can be used to store and carry the product.


Ganzo FH9222 knife is a practical, ergonomic and durable knife. The main features are the characteristic shape of the blade and the loop-shaped clip. The knife is compact, lightweight, resistant to moisture, mechanical damage, stress during work. Steel - high quality stainless steel alloy D2. High hardness. Handle made of wear-resistant G10 material. Convenient. Comfortable to grip. Such a knife performs both stabbing and cutting operations with equal efficiency. The knife is perfect for tourism, outdoor activities and walking. Easy to open and fold, secure fixation, safe operation, Flipper knife mechanism. The knife is easy to care for, designed for long-term use. Powerful, withstands heavy use. Pocket format. It is presented in different design options, there are four handle colors to choose from: black, green, gray and orange. 12 months warranty.


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