GANZO company never stops in its creative and manufacturing process. At the end of May 2019, company introduced a new model - the Firebird FB7651. The knife has four colors at once - black, green, gray, as well as the carbon version. All of these versions differ in the materials of the overlays on the handle; otherwise, except for color, they are the same. Knife type - folding, type of lock Axis lock. Consider the characteristics of new items more closely.

Knife design and materials

First of all, we note that the blade of the newly minted model has a common form of the type clip-point. Such a blade resembles a drop-like blade, while a straight line cuts the upper part of the bend of the butt. Due to this, the tip is thinner, and the penetrating power of the knife increases. Bevel at such a blade often has false vision. The blade of the knife is made of 440C steel. This is stainless steel, rather solid, the knives made from it are excellent in cutting and retain the edge for a long time. Despite this, it is recommended to protect the material from prolonged contact with moisture or salt. The hardness of steel reaches 58 Rockwell units, which is a good indicator for this type of tool.

The handle of the knife is made using modern material G10. This material is a continuous filament glass fiber. In essence, G10 is nothing more than a composite of epoxy resins and fiberglass with a slight addition of various hardening chemicals and industrial paints. Such fiberglass is resistant to shock, high temperature, the influence of moisture and acids. What can I say - FB7651 is designed for use in various and unexpected conditions. This is a high-quality tourist knife, it fits easily in your pocket, and easily copes with all the functions assigned to it. The novelty is characterized as a universal instance.

What are the features of this knife? Read more about the handle. Steel liners, a polymer spacer and linings made of composite material G10, which are fixed with steel bolts for standard torx, form it. In the more expensive Firebird FB7651-CF model, the handle overlays are made of carbon polymer. The handle has a removable clip made of steel, which can be installed in two positions. Also available on the model is a large hole for a lanyard.

Dimensions and weight of the model

The total length of the model is slightly less than 20 cm. The length of the blade is 8.3 cm, the thickness is 0.32 cm. The length of the handle is about 11.6 cm. The model's weight is only 101 grams. This is a light and compact folding knife, which is very convenient to carry around with you. It will greatly facilitate the pressing daily tasks that the user faces, both at home and outside. The knife is reliable and durable, it is a common feature of products that are manufactured under the brand name GANZO. As often noted by those users who have already familiarized themselves with good-quality Firebird models, the knives are ergonomic and efficient. They easily flip, and the thought-over design eliminates the risk of accidental opening. Absolutely safe knives, beautiful, functional and compact.


What does a successful campaign or outing depend on? From those things that a tourist takes with him, going on a multi-day trip. One of such important devices is a folding knife. GANZO understands how important it is for users to always have a reliable and compact assistant with them. Therefore, everything expands and expands its rich product range. The new model is ready to conquer the hearts of knife lovers. Firebird FB7651 is a new stylish flipper in four-color options. It is durable and comfortable, like all previous models of the famous Chinese brand. Created using high quality and reliable materials that guarantee this knife power and long service life.

Tourist knife is characterized as a universal product. It is safe and easy to use, has well-thought mechanics. Lightweight, miniature. All such flippers, as evidenced by users of knives, perfectly fit into the palm of the hand, do not slide off, regardless of the grip. Excellent EDC option. Stylish and practical. 


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