The FH series has long been in good standing, and for good reason: the knives of the line are of rather good quality. The Firebird FH91 is another good knife in this series, with a classic look that is tourist friendly.

Composition and materials

As already mentioned, the knife contains high-strength and excellent in many respects D2 steel. The alloy is hardened to 60 units on the Rockwell scale. For a standard knife, this is very cool. The knife demonstrates both piercing and cutting abilities with equal efficiency. All thanks to the universal blade shape, drop-point. Blades of this variety are quite popular and can often be seen on knives. Special features: the blade resembles the type of a normal blade, but the point is lowered closer to the center of the blade. Naturally, corrosion protection is also provided here. This knife is conceived as a product for every day, like many similar ones. It is also positioned as a tourist destination. Needless to say, a product of this purpose must be resistant to various factors. The FH91 has it all. Everything for practice. Including an ergonomic, comfortable grip handle. Which will fit snugly in any palm. There are notches on the butt.

The neat and laconic appearance of the handle disposes to this knife, it is simple but attractive. The handle is rough to the touch made of G10, a fiberglass with good usability. Namely: high strength, temperature resistance, mechanical damage and wear. A very efficient model, reliable and built to last.

Physical parameters and design

The FH91 model knife measures 20.3 centimeters in length. The blade is 8.8 centimeters long. The blade is three and a half millimeters thick. The foldable EDC nickname weighs 119 grams, and will fit in a bag or clothes pocket. By the way, there is a Flipper type lock, which allows the product to be folded compactly. And also keep it closed or open. Safe use. A flipper is a projection on the blade (usually where the heel is) that, when folded, protrudes above the top of the handle. Flipper knives are often equipped with semi-automatic blade opening systems, the so-called "asists". You push the flipper, partially opening the knife, and then the spring reacts, which opens the blade. Which is very convenient, and you can instantly put the model into action.

 A clip is provided for comfortable carrying of the knife. With its help, you can hook the model to your pocket, fasten it to your belt, or come up with some other version of your own.

The knife is designed for use in tourism, on vacation, on picnics, fishing, outings, travel. It can also be used from time to time in everyday life, in urban settings, when the need arose. The product will always be at the owner's hand. The model, by the way, is undemanding to care for. A reliable assistant for an active and active person. You just need to make sure that the blade is sharp and keep the knife clean. With the right minimum effort, the knife will respond to the owner with a long and efficient work.


The FH91 model of the Firebird trademark is a laconic, simple, convenient knife for everyday use. Lightweight and practical, compact folds, good mechanics. The composition includes high-strength and reliable materials with excellent user properties. The knife will last a long time. It is protected from rust, you need to take minimal care and keep the blade sharp. The flipper's cutting properties are very good. He copes with a bang with different types of work. The lock in the design of the knife allows you to open and close the product without any problems. Safe use. A metal clip will help fix the knife. It is especially useful for tourists, active and active people, but also in household chores at home, in urban conditions, it can be of daily use.


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